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Posted by RoninHarper:
G'day mates

Well I knew that that the servers on PStars were going to be going down.
I noticed on the 7th that alot of tournament under the private and freeroll games tabs was all cancelled from like 23:00h on the 7th till like 10:00h on the 8th.
Also a lot of Sng's were removed from registration so I knew they was planning a server reset.
It was all people was talking about at the cash tables I was on, so I am surprised you did not know it was coming too.
Be cool mates and best of luck at the tables.


Hi Ronin,

This was Hours after the restart.... the restart was at 7 am ET and the crash was at 6pm. so we are talking bout 2 diffrent things......After the crash we were not able to log in for 3 minutes and then all tournaments and sng were on break for 35 minutes...then they continued.

I was playing to sng's atm and on the 18 players I became bubble ( my own stupid fault) in the ,350 with 45 pl I managed to become 2nd so I still had a nice proffit, but all together it was a strange experience as PS didnt bring out an explanation...

Best of Luck,

I don't know how long things were down for,...all I know is that I was doing well in the Big $4.40...

303rd place with a fair stack of 4145 chips for $11.25. I sat at my computer for about 1/2 an hour and still nothing, I went to sit on the couch and watch TV then fell asleep for about 1 1/2 hours....

When I came back, was running and my stack was down to about 2200 chips and I was then in about 900+ spot.... I was pissed.... The blind came and gobbled up about 200+ more chips.

So I wrote then a message asking for the $11.25 I was sitting at when things crashed. I told them it could have been more I would have won,...but could have been less too, the $11.25 would be fair...

It was one of those games that was going all your way right from the start! if I get the $11.25, I'm happier than flies on s**t,....but I'd be happy with just my $4.40 back too...

They sent me this response:


Thank you for contacting PokerStars.

PokerStars has recently experienced some server connection
issues. Our
programming team has been made aware. At this moment, cash games
are running
and tournaments will restart as soon as possible. We sincerely
apologize for
any inconvenience caused.

We will be considering refunds for materially affected players.
affected" means you missed a considerable number of hands and
lost a
significant portion of your chip stack due to blinds and antes.
If you
believe you were materially affected by this issue, please email
us with the
following subject line:

"REFUND: T#_________, $X+Y, User ID"

Thats another reason having some proof when you play poker online.
Like screenshots and video recordings of the sessions.
You never know when they may come up handy.
And dealing with poker sites i know they have helped me a lot, even recently with a case
i had Smile

Yes I remember that day. They paused the tournaments. But it wasn´t good enough. Because not everyone was paused exactly when it happend. I lost some money. But NO I didn´t get them back. But maybe my own fold. Didn´t write to them. But I remember that I was angry. In the start I also thought it was my own internet connection. But found out it was PS. Never found out what happend.

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