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G'day mate

I am so damn sick of seeing all these begging post.
Wish people would just piss off.
I think back to when all I did was asking advice about accepting a stacking offer from friends and everyone jumped down my throat and I just wanted advice not money.
Yet more and more people are asking us for cash.
Yes i once borrowed $11 from pochui to play the Sunday Storm event.
I lost the event but I paid him back every penny with interest.

People do what the rest of us do. Grind away at the freerolls or make a deposit.
Stop asking for others to pay for you poor poker play.


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Especially now, when whole internet full of any kind of no deposit bonuses. Just play and win your money Dollar (if you can, of course)

I personally find it very hard to mooch money....

I mooched '1 cent' here before,...but I was in a really tight spot where I was that much short of a rebuy... that rebuy would have definately got me into the money, but after getting the 1 cent from mies, turned out I didn't need it anyway...

It did though take me about 1/2 an hour to work up the nerve to borrow only 1 lousy cent, I couldn't even imagine trying to borrow $10 or $20.

4_the_W offered to lend me $20 so I'd have enough to get my 100 VPPs so I could retain my ChromeStar status,...but even accepting an unsolicited offer of $20 was tough for me...

I just tried and succeeded at winning a few games with the few bucks I DID have,...and was able to stay chrome....

Other times I was broke,...I just grinded away at the freerolls like Ronin said,...made a few cents,...played the .10c game...made more,...played the .25c game,...made more,...then the .55c turbo,....then the $1.10....and so on... Dollar

Ya just gotta grind and snowball your meager winnings into something.... Big Smile

When i first started playing poker (2008) I never knew sites like this existed. So i would just play the freerolls on FTP win a couple of Dollar then lose it on the cash tables, win some more then lose it again.
This went on for a long time before i hit a decent freeroll on pokerstars then i could start playing properly. All this went towards my experience of playing poker. I never even dreamt of asking someone for money to play poker with. I would of just lost it anyway (like i have with many bankrolls)

Why should someone else pay for you to learn the game? there's plenty of ways to get a bankroll going without having to scrounge off other people. Angry

Good luck all and stop asking for money Big Smile

Couldn't agree more guys, I've been up and down as a player, that's the nature of the beast.

Just plod on, grind what you can and hopefully you improve your game in the process. It's not glamorous playing freerolls for cents but there's no risk either and there are plenty out there and enough ndb's etc to get your fix as well lol

Having said that, if someone could see their way to sending me $1,000,000 to my PS account i would really really really appreciate it. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I just want to take a screen shot of my poker "winnings" then i'll send it straight back Blink Blink

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Posted by Bigritefoot:

Having said that, if someone could see their way to sending me $1,000,000 to my PS account i would really really really appreciate it. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Listen,....Forget about Bigrite,......I'm a cheaper date,...... If someone is in the mood for being generous, can send me less,....I'll take only $1,000 sent to my PS account... Big Smile

Good day Brmers....

Interresting Topic and I do agree people who are not active or write their first few post shouldnt request as they dont get anything it's actually a waste of their and our time.

But there are in my mind exceptions, there are some regular posters here to whom I wouldnt mind lending or even giving some cash if they really needed it...There can be situations when some one is a bit short for a tournament buy in, or for an add on, and I really wouldnt mind helping them out, but said this, I would only do theis for the people I know a bit as we had conversations here in the forum or I chatted with on the tables of PS or that once that Crazy Canadian demosomething (lol) asked for a whole cent If he had needed more he would have gotten it aswell ( if my BR allows this ofcouse.... So I think when someone post a mail and asks for money I know I will always look who it is and if I know this person for a bit.....On people asking for something on their first post or so , I just not gonne respond anymore , let the thread bleed to dead, best way they learn if they get not one reaction at all.....

Further I wish to U all a growing Bankroll, lots of happy rivers and above all a good health and hapiness in ur lives



such wise words, i completely agree with all of the said above (and in between). people you should stop asking for money, not only you hold unrealistic hopes, but you also look like dudes with no greater goals in life. so just read this: don't ask for money!

alright now...can someone lend me $500, i will pay back tomorrow

Forum Rule #10 No money exchanges/loans/scams. We have always advised against this as it's a big risk for both parties involved. In light of recent episodes in the forum during November 2011, where several of our members seems to have been scammed one way or another, we have decided to make it a rule that we do not allow threads/posts in the forum regarding money exchanges/transactions betweens members.

Am not a stickler for rules generally but............

I would like to think tht the majority of theese 'Begging' posts are a spur of the moment thing, especially the 1st posters. Theyve stumbled on site looking for free $ and want it NOW !! Lets try and keep a sense of humour, be patient and the community can only thrive on trust and integrity

I think rule 10 should be an advisory or maybe could there be a seoerate forum catering for in-house staking or $$ exchange discussions ???

Obv with the nature of site being to promote new accts I can understand how in-house dealings could be a conflict....
any thoughts??

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I have to agree and plus i want to add that what most of people post are begging post and NOT staking posts.

I mean i'm sure that they even do not know how a serious staking offer should sound. It should full date of the person that ask it plus at least couple of hunderd of SNG/MTT results from a tracking software.

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