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Hi guys,

I just played the most pretty poker hand i've ever played so i really had to come right here and tell it everyone. I was on the TG+1, i got 44, i was really confident, some guy bet, another raised, i went all-in and i got three calls! Everyone of these four are all-in. One shows AA, the other shows KK and the next one QQ. I had 44!!! The flop brought me a 4, then i just saw a lot of golds but that was ok because noone had any of it. So i won to AA, KK and QQ with 44, how crazy is that???

The game is still going on, it's a €20 GTD Winner Takes All, i'm not first anymore but lets see how things go...

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Nice Smile But why are you went all-in with 44 ? You think "all or nothing" ?

I was confident on that hand, sometimes i just have that feeling on some hands... But i just got out of this crazy hand tourney with another crazy hand. Blinds 150-300, someone called BB, i raised to 600 and got two calls. I was AA. Flop came 10,9,5. First to talk bet 300, i went all-in, third one thought a lot and called me, the other guy folded. Caller shows A10, i had AA, turn brought a 10, river sucked, i was out...

It really depends on what stage of the tournament you are, there are some places where pocket 4 are great to shove with Smile

Keep us posted on the result you'll get on this tournament, sounds like fun Big Smile

You should play poker with the logic part of your brain, not the feeling part, especially online since you can't see tells from your opponents Tongue

It's sad that you didn't have the feeling to fold your AA... Big Smile

Now FAKIRY....... many people with whom i come into contact either at the tables or in here would call your play here BINGO! What do we think? IS BINGO really OK if its a true gut feeling, or is it never OK? or should we just accept that anything can happen in Poker?

Yeeeeeeeeeey Fakiry you have a nice feeling like Flo Rida Big Smile when you feel it you feel it, you can't fold just if your internet connection is bad. i wonder how they react when saw AA vs KK vs QQ and your pair of 4 ??? nevermind, who cares, if a mobster give a bad beat, i'm happy, hope you'll win with 27o vs AA vs KK vs QQ Big Smile with a flush on the river Big Smile

how can you call THAT the prettiest hand? To me it look way more like the dirtiest lucky hand of all. ''I was confident'' lol with 44.. really with a raise and a 3-bet Aww crap!

let me tell you about my prettiest hand; live action cash game in a casino playing 200nl. Got 88 some player raise small amount and I raise back to 25, got 4 call. Flop come Q88, first to talk I check, a player raise it to 50 got 2 call so then I call, turn 3 ( now with 4 diamond on the flop) I check same player bet another 50 got 1 call, I raised to 125 got 2 call and no diamond on the river but still shove my 150 left and get 1 call... that was pretty Big Smile

Sometimes ya gotta follow yer gut feeling,.... but personally,...that's a folder for me.... even in a heads up situation.

Those guys must have all been shocked getting their hands run over with THAT!!! Big Smile

I hate players going all in with 44. especally when I got QQ, KK og AA It´s ok to lose to AK, AQ, AJ, KQ and even JJ and 1010. But I really hate to lose with a monster hand like AA or KK to a pair of 2-3-4-5 yeah anything below 1010. But you were lucky. I can tell you how it went. You didn´t win the tourney. And you wont playing like that.

I have a feeling some players in this threads are in a bad downswing. Tongue

On a serious note though, in the long run the hand would be costing you lots of $'s and you should see it as a learning moment. There's always feeling in Poker like feeling you are ahead of someone or multiple players, but you can't play on a feeling some cards will be shown on the flop, turn or river.

Congratz though.

What the hell is pretty about this hand ??
It was a donk play and you just hit it with luck.

I thought i would see a royal flush beating a straight flush or something when i saw the title.

Nothing pretty about this at all

Aww crap! Aww crap!

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