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I did a search for Sealswithclubs on this site and didn't find anything, so I thought i'd see if anyone knows about it.

It's a poker room that plays with bitcoins, 1000 chips = 1 btc

And I've played on it several times and enjoy it.

Although with the current US government seizure warrant on with Dwolla, who is the primary transaction provider for Mt.gox (the leading bitcoin coin exchange in volume), bitcoins are practically on a stand still in my opinion and I've stopped playing on the site, for the most part.

Just wanted to see other peoples views on the topic. Thanks.



suppose your thread is more adress to united states citizen than any other mobster? Never heard about Sealswithclubs before. What's the point of playing with bitcoin instead of real chips?

Last I checked the going value of one bitcoin equaled 123 USD. Peaked my interest when I found a place to play poker, has free-rolls and such also, with a low population.

I dunno, thought it was worth a chat.

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Actually playing with Bitcoins is a great idea simple for the transaction ease, speed & super cheap costs. Normally depositing & withdrawing you need to verify documents, you get charged transaction fee's & usually currency exchange charges ect. with bitcoins you don't get any of that. You get instant deposit or withdrwals straight to your Bitcoin wallet with super low transaction costs & no need for documents.

The downside is the fluctuating rate of bitcoins. The price has ranged from $70 to $170 for 1 Bitcoin in recent months. If the price ever drops really cheap like it was a year ago i'd get some just for investment. 1 year ago the price was about 1 bitcoin for $10. The recent financial crisis in different parts of Europe has pushed the price up as lots of people invest in Bitcoins rather than traditional currency's.

I've never heard of Sealswithclubs before,...but I did see a segment on the news the other day about Bitcoin...

I guess folks trade them back and forth much like stocks or bonds...

Buy low and sell high.

The value fluctuates rapidly throughout the day and over time,...and if your timing is right you can become very wealthy in short order... Dollar

First time im hearing about this poker site.Not about the bitcoins though.
My opinion is if you want to play poker play with real cash.
ans if you want to bet in "currency" trade bitcoins. Doing both at the same
time doesnt look as a good idea.

The site has grown quite a bit, they just released a beta verison of their client. Before now it was just a browser based poker room.

In the beginning they only had a few tournaments and mostly cash tables with one freeroll every hour. Now, they have a pretty extensive amount of tournaments ranging from micro to deep and half hour and 15 on the hour tournaments for cheap.

i wouldn't buy into bitcoins unless you get a lucky break, price below 70 dollars or so. But the site is definetly worth a look.

Posted by Farce09:
I did a search for Sealswithclubs on this site and didn't find anything, so I thought i'd see if anyone knows about it.

you forgot you wrote a similar thread

and there is also another one

Oh yea, totally forgot about that. Sad Of course that was when no one really knew much about bitcoins.

read through the thread and saw I stated btc value was at 4.80 usd at the time...kickin myself now Aww crap!

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