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Hello all,

My name is Forcharity and I have been playing the $1.50-$3.50 45 man sng's for just over a year now and have recently decided to take a quick break from Poker. It didn't last very long though.

I noticed all the begging threads recently and it kinda inspired me to post a similar thread.
Please refrain from flaming me for this. Big Smile

While I haven't made much posts yet I'm certainly enjoying the forum and have been reading it since I've signed-up here. Recently I cashed out my BR of ~ $250 to fill up some IRL costs.

After reading those threads I came up with an idea to play some SNG's for someone while still asking for an affordable staking deal.

The plan is to play something like this:

Game: $0.50 45man Turbo SNG's on PokerStars
Volume: 20x SNG
Start stake: $10

I would have this done in 3-5 days and I'm pretty sure to make a profit there. Would be fun getting to know someone this way and hopefully make profit for him/her. Of course I can't guarantee a profit since the sample is still kinda small.

If no one is interested it's fine. I just wanted to see if there's any interest and it would be a chance for me to grow a bankroll again without depositing.

I have the option to deposit but I would rather not since I just cashed out, there are some personal reasons.



If the staker thinks the sample would be to small to reduce variance I would also be okay playing $1 9 man STT's.
This would reduce variance alot more and I also got enough experience to beat those. Also I would like to add that I heard some rumors about these type of threads not being allowed.
If so this can be deleted, I would be very suprised to see that stakingdeals are not allowed on a pokersite though.

Also I'm not here to scam anyone for a measly $10. If I would want $10 so bad I would just request a no deposit offer. I just prefer to play on my main pokersites and not create account on any new pokerrooms for just a small amount of free cash with requirements. I would rather build up a BR and use their first deposit bonus later.

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Posted by Forcharity:
Also I would like to add that I heard some rumors about these type of threads not being allowed.

It's not a rumor - it's forum rule #7 Smile

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