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I have just requested the William Hill bonus following the instructions.

Funny thing is they refused to grant me the bonus even after contacting Online Support talking to a employee, after that conversation I also talked to a manager from William Hill poker and it was still declined.

They claimed the promotion was already over because 150 players already claimed it, which they again claimed was the maximum amount.

Problem is though that still promotes this offer, also this link is still online from their very own site;

And nowhere in the terms & conditions they state in an end date for the bonus or a maximum signup restriction so they can't really decline me the bonus. I don't even really care about the $10, i just want to point out how pathetic this company really is and also hopefuly get a good explanation from an Administrator here.

Beneath I will quote the full conversation with their online support.

Isobel: Hi. This is Isobel from Online Support. For us to proceed with your concern, please provide your date of birth and the answer to the security question.

Isobel: Hello, -------.
ExcusemyFrench: Hello Isobel
ExcusemyFrench: My birth date is -------
ExcusemyFrench: and the answer is ----------
Isobel: Thank you for verifying your details.
Isobel: How may I help you?
ExcusemyFrench: I was wondering if I am going to get my 10$ USD no deposit from or from William Hill itself? Thanks in advance.
ExcusemyFrench: This link I used.
Isobel: I am sorry, but we no longer have this promotion.
ExcusemyFrench: Lol that's not possible
ExcusemyFrench: William Hill directed to me and your page is still online
ExcusemyFrench: So your obligated to grant me the bonus
ExcusemyFrench: It also says in the terms & conditions that The $10 bonus is awarded as real cash directly to the poker account.
Isobel: I am sorry, but the only 150 players are eligible for this bonus.
ExcusemyFrench: Okay, that's very unfortunate
Isobel: The bonus was already claimed by our new 150 players.
Isobel: Any other help you need?
ExcusemyFrench: But still William Hill pker is going to grant me the bonus
ExcusemyFrench: because it's not in the terms & conditions
ExcusemyFrench: Also the special weblink is still online
ExcusemyFrench: and is also still promoting it
ExcusemyFrench: Nowhere it said that only 150 players are eligible and if you didn't want anyone else to claim the bonus you shouldve taken it offline
ExcusemyFrench: Now I wasted my affliate, I might aswell had registered here with p*********** for a better affliate offer
Isobel: Sorry, but that is not possible as the bonus you are referring is no longer active.
ExcusemyFrench: If you are not able to grant me the bonus, then please redirect me to your manager
ExcusemyFrench: Trust me, I won't let this go.
ExcusemyFrench: You can't really decline me the bonus, sorry.
Isobel: Sure, you will just get the same answer from my manager.
ExcusemyFrench: Okay thanks I will talk to him.
Isobel: Your concern is given utmost priority and should be handled by a superior. Kindly stay online as I transfer you to my Manager.
Maisie: Hi there, Huibert. This is Maisie, Manager of Isobel.
Maisie: I understand this is about your claim for the Bankrollmob bonus.
ExcusemyFrench: Hello Maisie.
ExcusemyFrench: As you may see in the previous part of the conversation I'm having some trouble claiming my no deposit bonus
ExcusemyFrench: I came here via
ExcusemyFrench: Isobel kindly pointed out to me that the bonus is no longer active because a 150 player restriction has been reached
ExcusemyFrench: The problem on your end though is that is still promoting the offer, now I'm tracked with their affliate. Also your promotion is still active on your own site, see:
ExcusemyFrench: And most importantly nowhere in the terms & conditions on bankrollmob or your site does it state that only the first 150 players are able to claim it.
Maisie: Please be informed that the bonus is going to be paid to the first 150 customers only. I regret to inform you that the first 150 customers have already been paid and it was confirmed by our poker specialists few hours ago.
ExcusemyFrench: Okay, that's very unfortunate. But I advise you to read what I just said.
Maisie: Thank you for your interest on the site. I hope you can browse on the latest promotions we have available.
ExcusemyFrench: Then you will understand that technically you can't decline the bonus to me.
ExcusemyFrench: You actually have to give me the no deposit bonus.
Maisie: Please go to this link for more information on your promotion.
ExcusemyFrench: No I won't
ExcusemyFrench: Because this is the actual page
ExcusemyFrench: And it's still online
ExcusemyFrench: If you just read what I previously said you would understand that there is absolutely no possibility for you or your company to decline me this no deposit bonus.
ExcusemyFrench: If you do I will make very sure everyone reads this.
ExcusemyFrench: Also you falsly tricked me into signing up to your site, because I'm not with a useless affliate. If I knew the bonus wouldn't work I would've signed up via a different affliate with better advantages for me.
ExcusemyFrench: But even that doesn't matter, the point really is that there is no possible way you can decline me this bonus.
ExcusemyFrench: So do you have a manager aswell or can we work this out?

After the last sentence they didn't even respond anymore.



The conversation followed up about 15 minutes later, she forwarded this to their "Poker Management" and see if they can fix it. I will recieve an update within 24-48 hours while it clearly says the bonus will be there in 24 hours so I have my doubts.

I am not going to edit my first post until they solve this. The bonus is not obtainable officialy anymore now so should stop promoting this offer.

Edited by Forcharity (21 May 2013 @ 13:30 GMT)

We didn't know it has ended. We are investigating.

Hi Forcharity,

I've just received an update from William Hill. They need to fix a few things with the free bonus. It'll be available again shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

best regards,

Hi Forcharity,

Amazing conversation Forcharity! Smile I really support you for writing all this to their support. This is unbelievable, how they cheat the new players! William Hill should delete this link. Why it is still online?

The Call Center of William Hill is in Sofia - Bulgaria, so you spoke with Bulgarians. If you are curious with who you were chatting, click here and see the second video. Her name is Nina Avramova and she is a Customer Support Agent at the William Hill - Holland (Dutch) Department. Probably you spoke with her. Just guessing. I am not sure.

I made a thread dedicated to William Hill a month ago, I think. All they speak in Bulgarian at these videos, so I translated it into English, as you can see:

If you are curious, you may have a look at it.
Please, keep us updated.

Best regards,

Edited by Peter7878 (21 May 2013 @ 14:59 GMT)

It looks like another success story of BRM after Winner Poker,keep up the '' good work'' BRM
Forcharity,William Hill is a brand in the industry and you will get a fair treatment.Make a deposit,access the beginer section,you can play two sng daily,deposit freerolls,so soon enough can make a decent amount of cash.Good luck

Not to defend William Hill here, but they are a well known site, especially in the betting world.
Dont think they have the need to "cheat" into getting new customers.
So probably a misunderstanding somewhere in the way like you see from BRM stuff.

I am completely aware of the poker market and I know William Hill itself is one of the biggest gambling establishments. I do think their customer support treated me pretty badly where I see rooms as PokerStars of Full Tilt Poker handling this very differently.

It really wasn't about the $10 for me, more about their mistake and how this will affect other BRM members.

They have added the bonus to my account and updated me via e-mail at 4:49PM, timezone. Not sure when it was because I was at work but they solved it so props to them I guess.


I want to compliment Peter for his great work showing what William Hill is really about. Great read, thanks for that Worship

Also I would like to adress certain views that BankrollMob members may have after reading my incident. I can assure you that it was an honest mistake, the bonus was unavailable only for a few hours after I requested it. So I do admit they should've taken it down earlier, but BRM couldn't know this since they didn't even update it themselves.

Sorry for you bro that's not cool but the same thing happened to me. I even received amessage login into my banrollmob account offering me this william hill NDB but it's been refused. I haven't pushed real far to get to know why it has been refused but your gettig me the answer here Blink

thx and I'm sure you'll find and get approved some other pretty interessting NDB Smile

Hi Forcharity,

It is so cool that your story has a happy end! Smile I am happy that you liked my work also. Thanks for the kind words. I wish you to earn a lot of Dollar from this NDB. Smile

I wish you best of luck, buddy! Smile


I had the exact same issue!!! JEEZO!

Said 150 people had subscribed, i then had a message from William Hill telling me to wait exactly 24 hours so at 24 hours and 1 minute i contacted them again and they said 150 people had already taken up the offer!!

The live chat people were very unhelpful!

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