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well i had a nice win tonight and im very happy lol .... won a $3.30 buy in omaha H/L mtt for a nice $207.96
First off i promised my little Daughter a treat if i win a mtt and shes being waiting a while ... so am very happy im am now able to be able to do this.

But just to finally win a decent mtt is such a good feeling after some close ones and all the ones i have busted out of from sick beats.

didnt have it easy .. in fact was extremly short stacked by the time the bubble burst .. but being used to this i didnt worry ..

had 6k chips and blinds 600 1200 when i got my first opening to double up ... limped on button flop a flush draw all check around to very agg chip leader who puts in a 7k bet and i call with my *,*,3,4 hearts ... and i hit the flush on the turn lol ... he had hit set of Js

later got to 29k when i flop a flush i had *,*6,7 diamonds ... i was on button 3 guys check agg lad bets again and i decide i going for it (lad very agg all the time im on this table .. raising and betting every flop ) so i re all in thinking worst case he ahead i could still hit a low draw as i was expecting rest of table to fold ... except one of the lads that checked called with the nut low draw ... agg lad who bet called and had nut flush .. and a set of 5s lol so thinking im on the way out ... turn came a 3 and then a 3 of diamonds giving him a full house but a miracle for me ... a straight flush

later when i got to around 60k agg lad had got back up to 150k ish and a short stack goes all in ... agg guy raises and i had A,K,3,4 (3,4,clubs) and make the call ... flop A,K,J two clubs ... and i decide that im pushing ... two pair and flush draw with agg lad raising any 4 cards i cant be in too bad a spot .... well he calls with 8,10,Q,8 ouch ... flopped a straight but i hit a club on turn and win with my flush lol stars being nice to me tonight ...

get moved onto another table with 124k in chips straight after this hand ... and after playing a hand on new table look for that guy to see how hes doing only to see he bust out on the next hand he played for his 90k chips ...

agg play is great way to play but you have to think do you need to do it all the time ... i managed to make the final table with my 124k stack and with a little up and down of it made the final 3 with a 170k in chips but in 3rd spot

But being the short stack i just went for it and played every hand i got that was decent very aggresively and took out the lad in 2nd place .... then did the same to chip leader ....

so overall am very happy ... glad stars liked me tonight and was very happy with the way i played ...

even though those hands i won look bad ... against a very agg player playing all sorts of hands i had to beleive i was getting my chips in good so went for it.

anyway hope its not as long before i have a win like this or bigger again as it felt sooooooo good


nice result there Photolong Thumbs Up
i hope you keep a hold of the winnings and don't go losing them on the cash tables.

It's sad to say that these type of wins seem to come far and between a lot of loses of shouldn't say losses, but not making the top 3 to 5 payouts. I guess after I lose a bit on the MTT's I always fall back to the $2.20 SnG's to at least pay for the buyins I lost. Just seem's I lose after playing well for most of the gam3e and then get beat out my a hand I wouldn't even play against someone with.

Nice win for you though so enjoy the win and of course most of all the time with your little girl. That's the best!

Congrats for winning sir, hope your daughter is very proud of her father, you win that $207.96 now i think she want a gif from her father Big Smile will you buy her something nice ? hope you'll build a nice BR and win daily minimum $ 100 Big Smile i can wish you good luck and wait your update Big Smile
P.S. buy her a bear Big Smile

Gongratz Bud .....Good to see U do well...let there follow many more good cashes and go spoil that little girl of yours Smile

Nice one buddy Big Smile Thumbs Up
Winning is always a great feeling especially when its for a decent amount.
I hope this is the first of many.
Congratulations Thumbs Up

Posted by photolong:
First off i promised my little Daughter a treat if i win a mtt and shes being waiting a while ... so am very happy im am now able to be able to do this.

well i must say your little daughter is one happy person...i promised to my rabbit to buy some carrots if i win any mtt- he's still waiting...5 years now Shock

great performance Thumbs Up hope this is the beginning of sth big...

Thanks guys ... ye my Daughter was really delighted to hear about my win and how shes going to benefit from it ..

Also now i have a better bankroll i hope i can build it up ... will be looking at the scoop omaha pl H/L mtt running to night and try and satellite into that ... but this win should keep me going for a while ... and my next win will be eagerly awaited by my wife as she will be benefiting from that lol lol ... i might get a luck in if i win a third one lol lol

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