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PokerStars SCOOP Freeroll  +3   
Hello mobsters,

Do you know about this freeroll? Don't forget to register. Top 30 get $109 tickets.
The registration starts tomorrow! Here you are the details:
PokerStars SCOOP Freeroll
25.05.2013, 21:15 EET
ID: 732644763
Prize: $3270 (Top 30 Gets $109 tickets)
Password: 100billion

Good luck at the tables! Smile

Best regards,

Edited by Peter7878 (24 May 2013 @ 16:01 GMT)

Thanks for the info buddy Smile .. probably would've missed it , so thanks for the heads-up Thumbs Up

Man that's a sweet prize! Will be a though one to get thou. Every one is a chromestar at least nowadays so it'll be crouded lol. Thx for the heads up anyway mate. Hope at least one mobster gets it.

With such a prize, probably it will be a slaughter house again, in terms of registrations Smile
Wonder how many participants will be allowed in this one.
My guess is that it will be maxed out.

Nice one Peter...its only limited to 65000 entrants so it will be a breeze.

Lets hope there are loads of Mobsters in there an someone gets a ticket. on here if you are going to play and let us know how you get on.

I want to play in it, but I can't find it.... I plugged that tourney number in and nothing comes up...

I also searched through all the tourneys at that time and still can't find it....

Is it listed in the lobby there yet...?

If so,...please direct me... I looked under 'Events' and 'SCOOP' and can't see it...

Thanks! Smile

Thanks for the info Peter I wasnt awarded of that one Smile Pretty interesting tickets available but there's gonna be a lot of peoples to go throught.

Demo have you proceed by request- find a tourney- and then entering the tourney number that peter gave? I found it right away. It's taking place tomorrow late evening. Hope there's gonna be a lot of mobster there Smile good luck to everyone

thnx appreciate that see you there Aww crap! Worship

tourney free roll 2-15 edt Big Smile


Its right there under freerolls bud. Right near the bottom third from in Orange.

Hope that helps.

Registration starts tonight at 9AM EST.

Good luck fellow Mobsters

thanks for the heads-up Peter,i will give this a go but you will have to be really lucky to get a ticket i think.

Okee Dokee.....found it!

Thanks Gents.... Guess I'm as dumb as a fence post.... Big Smile

DUmb + feNCE = DUNCE lol...

holy sh1t Shock 65.000 entrants and only top 30 paid Shock Shock Shock will have to multi account this with at least 1000 accounts to get some sort of chance...
anyways thanks for the update- gonna be creating those "extra chances" accounts whole night

pochui, funny as always! Big Smile Good luck with the multi accounts, mate! Big Smile

Hey mobsters, it is open now to register! 3000 players untill now are registered! Smile

Edited by Peter7878 (25 May 2013 @ 13:35 GMT)

Thank you for the heads-up Peter, i didnt know there is another one. and i think i could missed it.
Good luck at the tables.

Have a nice day and GL.

Good luck boys in that one.....

There's already over 11,000 entrants and tons of them are cheating cockroaches with multiple accounts....

Hang on to your hats,....she's gonna be a donkfest supreme...!

There's basically a hope in hell trying to get one of those tickets,.....but still worth a try if you're at your computer anyhow.... Thumbs Up

thank you. But really here will be so hard to get ticket

So i see demodawggy you have made already your checks for the multiple accounts there lol.
With your dedication if you were an employee of Poker Stars the amount of players would have been reduced for sure Smile

Heeeeeeey nice post, i think there will play over than 50.000 players... a really bingo for all multy accounts players who use ten or more acc... i think that is why people do a lot of accounts... for play bingo with more chances Big Smile
nevermind... i hope 29 mobsters will win a ticket and 9 mobsters will play FINAL TABLE, GOOD LUCK EVERYBODYYYYY

23600 entrants i played too hehe i have only one account!

I am alteady out. I had AK but was unlucky. Sad

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