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Hi I've been playing in the rake race for the last month on PokerAce and I was wondering if any of these leaders are mobsters... my username is Ascension. Until this site I was strictly a tournament and sit and go player and I'm very surprised to be doing so well.. this is the week 3 leader board..the final board will be out in the next few hours. I put in a 26 hour session almost non stop to finish this off so I hope to at least jump up on the big board. I will post the final standings when they come out.

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Congratulatuons buddy!
I'm Hurley00 Big Smile Thumbs Up

26 hours non stop playing poker? Are you serious about that?
Dont have the stamina or the willing to accomplish something like that.
At least in the poker section.
Watch out for bullet Smile

I personally do not think that playing 26 hours poker it's such a good idea, i mean i heard tons of stories of people that for a bonus played like this and lost more than they had at beginning...

I do not play there but a rake race it's a sweet competition for cash game players Big Smile

thanks man!! I've seen you at the tables..

I broke even over that 26 hours and earned a lot of points so in the end it will probaly help me earn 200 or 300 more when the final standing come out.

dead serious stopped for maybe 2 hours all together to eat..shower.. Smile

so you can be on both the rookie and the all-star leaderbord? Great for you bro your doing well Smile What stake are you playing and is there more player on the site with that race going on than there use to had? I remember this site with about 150 players logged in at it's peak

Have you been payed yet? I'm still waiting Shock
Can't even check where i eventually ended up because they have removed all traces of the promotion Shock Sad

Just got an e-mail telling me I received $75 in my account Big Smile
Thank you poker ace Thumbs Up

Edited by bullettooth1 (29 May 2013 @ 16:21 GMT)

for the race look also here :

better we stay here for race questions.

Some of you guys are F'N CRAZY with all this 24 and 26 hours plus of poker....!!!

All the power to ya..... I don't think I could pull that off ....UNLESS there was a big enough prize at the other end.... like several thousands or tens of thousands of dollars....

...or some naked 20 year old Big Smile


you said , you have trubbels with the results of the race.

you said you would be third at the nonrookie.

u got an answer from pokerace ?

me , they mailed in my case my results are ok, but that cant be....

Edited by kayk67 (04 June 2013 @ 01:27 GMT)

They finally answered me and said they were carefully go over the points and that everyone is correct. I asked for an explanation in my original email that if they are correct could they please explain how I could have been getting more points after the race ended than when the race is on but they did not answer that. I should have been taking screen shots of my points in my ace-club section of the software but was not...this was my first rake race and I was just assuming it would be all done correctly and there was no need for that and maybe it was but I'm still pretty convinced my points are wrong... according to the final results 10$ more in rake and I would have had an extra $250 Sad

did you transfer your handhistory from pokerace to your computer?

so, you have all you need ,to say you had more points,then shown in the race.

do you have your money now on dafa ? all ok ?

they dont reply to my emails. 6 days now....

And will not answer another 6 weeks -----> they are closed, there is noone there anymore.

i dont want that they transfer my datas to dafa.i had mailed that them.

so they say, after that i can log in, and pay out my last money ...

"We will be transferring all the data of all of our players starting on Wednesday June 5th 2013 12:00 PM GMT+8. Until our platform closes and all accounts are migrated to Dafapoker, players can login and play on PokerAce as normal. Only withdrawals for accounts holding balances over $500 will be processed normally and within standard handling time. You have the right to object to the transfer of your account and player data to Dafapoker by simply sending an email to [email protected] before Wednesday June 5th 2013 12:00 PM GMT+8. If we do not receive an email from you, your personal details, player data and account balances will be automatically transferred to Dafapoker."

i had under 500 on my account left , so couldnt pay out that .

after migration i can pay out it, so i understand.

so what !? how to get my last money(249 euros) from my pokerace account ?

here the mail they send me before :

Dear Kay,

Please refer to the advice on the website about cashing out until the accounts are migrated. Please click this link . Your account will not be migrated to Dafa Poker

my mail was :

hi, i dont want that my datas will transform to daffapoker,i dont want to play there.

i cant withdraw my last 249 euro from pokerace(error). how to get that money, when i dont want to dafapoker ?

now it becomes funny..

i can log in to, ii gone to livechat

and ask for my money from pokerace.

i have to migrate to dafa poker and i hope will then get my money.

Edited by kayk67 (11 June 2013 @ 22:01 GMT)

i have my money now on dafa.

but why they dindnt say it before, after closing, when you have probs(and dont migrate to dafa) then mail to dafa ?....

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