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Hey guys and gals!
I know a few of these threads have been made before but I just wanted to say that i have just withdrawn from PokerAce.
I deposited $20 and straight away i hit the withdraw button and withdrew $220.70 (leaving $20 to play with) That was at 11:38.
I have just received an e-mail now at 14:12 from Skrill telling me my money is in my account. So i am pretty impressed that it only took just over 2.5 hours.

I would like to thank PokerAce for that and BRM for providing me with that initial $10 NDB Worship Worship

Lets hope i can grind that $20 up to a nice amount again.

Good luck all Thumbs Up

Great job Smile as you said, a few thread about it have been post already but your the first one I see that it only took few hours to get cash out complete!

You made 200 out of 10$... now why not 400 out of that 20$ left Blink Good luck at the table

Yeah $400 would be sweet Big Smile Cool

have you got something out of the rake race on pokerace?

Yeah bud I won $75 Big Smile

So it seems that they are doing good in the cash out section, besides the fact with their traffic.
Thats good news for all applying there.
I hope you can reach the same amount again and cash out really soon Smile gl

sounds great!! I'll be trying my cash out today or tomorrow. I ended up first and fifth in the race for $630 although I'm currently trying to get a hold of them about my position on the big board for I don't think they got my points right and I may have third which is 250$ more. I might have to get admin here to help if they would for I've sent 2 emails with no response. Anyway good job in the race!!!

hi , same here, my race points are not correct.

wait also for mail response on that.

pay out was in 24h there.

for race questions we use this thread only now.

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Nice goin' bulletman! ...and then being able to withdraw your winnings without any problems is the 'cherry' on the icing on the cake....!

Maybe I'll go out on a limb and try a few of these other sites....

Still have a bad taste in my yap after that 'Wiener Poker' BS... Confused

Awesome thing mate, we saw tons of threads lately about this and really no one ever cashout from there but now it seems to be confirmed Big Smile

What did you mainly played in order to build up your bankroll there?

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