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What would be your perfect sit n go/tourney? At some pokerrooms you have sit n go's with 90 sometimes 180 people. I think they're great but only with double stack or superstack. This is my perfect sit n go but never saw it on any pokerroom Cool :

Sit n go:

- 180 people payout first 40
- 10 people p table
- superstack 10,000 chips
- blinds:
10 - 20 ----- 15min
20 - 40 ----- 15min
30 - 60 ----- 15min
50 - 100 ---- 15min

This would be a great tourney Cool
Whats your perfect tourney????

i dont consider this a sng, it really is a mtt, since their are multiple tables and its a tournament,

if you are looking for really slow tourneys then you may be able to find some, but the buy ins are often very large, thats because the majority of people dont want to battle it out for four hours to not win much,

personally i dont mind turbo and rebuy tourneys, just because the quality of play is much lower,

why do you want such a deep slow structured tourney? are you a big fan of suited connectors and the like, these are infinitly more playable as stacks get deeper and deeper

and why such a flat payout, 40 people is a lot when usually its about 1 in 10, that paying out more than one in five. this means that lots of the time you will only be getting slightly more than you buy in for, after playing a long time

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I would want to be on Poker After Dark one time, its a great tournament. 6 handed, 35min blind structure, winner takes all. I really like the waitress, shes very pretty Smile

I kind of like the sngs at pokerstars. The9man ones with;

10 min blind structure,
1500 chips,
Top 3 get paid.

The sng really suits my tight-aggressive style.

@Yuss, I think its just because my deepstack tourney results are better than the others Tongue I'm feeling more convident starting deepstack but most tourney starting with average stack...

best sit n go for me is 10 people, 1500/2000 stack, 10 min blinds
sometimes people go nervios and without any play its not hard to stay 4 people.
sometimes only with 2-3 games its not hard to get money

Yes thats true i did once a 10 sit n go and didnt play any hand till heads up, then played 1 hand and lost and get 2nd Worship

doomdy, I know Chris Ferguson likes the 180 man. Just not really my style, although I never tried one..How long do they last?

hum waiiiiit. on titan poker there is SNG 10+1$ FR

With 3000 starting chips and 9 min level !

But i cant play them with 130€ need to get atleast 175€ to make some shots, i'll feedback if i can reach them. Big Smile

12$ sit n go at pokerstars MTT 360 persons!
i luv it the most


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