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I'm sorry if I'm not suppose to do this. I have seen other mobsters do so and I hope its alright.

I know this is not your responsibility but I have seen other mobsters ask for help on things like this before. I received the 10$ no deposit from you guys for pokerace and I have been playing the last month in the rake race. The race is complete and according to their stats I got first on the little board for $430 and fifth on the big board for $200. They have me down for a total amount of points on both boards for 6280 but I have been keeping track and I come up with maybe 600 more points which would push me from 5th to third on the big board which is an extra $250. I had also messaged them before the race ended because I thought my points were less but I think they misunderstood what I was saying and may not have even checked. Anyway I said to them its as easy looking at my monthly point total subtracting the 6280 and this would give them the number of points I made since it ended which comes out to a much too high number. I have barely played since the race ended but if we were to go with their numbers I'm moving at the same pace as I was when the race was on points wise. I also had 150 points from last month when the race started that's not reflected in this months total making it that even more points that may need to be added. I hope this isn't too confusing. Either way I feel this is being ignored by them for I have messaged them 3 times in almost 3 days.. I have also sent a message about someones chat since I messaged them about this and they did get back to me on that. Anything you can do would be awesome. My username there is Ascension.

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I can't do anything but to forward your message to the guy who is in contact with them, but he might not be able to do anything about it either. But it's worth a try.

ok thanks..any help at all would be great...
I just find it strange they would ignore me for I know everyone has been having no problem cashing out..we will see..

I doubt that BRM can do something more than forwarding your request.
Worth to try it though cause the amount you are talking about is a significant one.
As i have already said in other threads in the past, when playing online you need
to get screenshots or video recording your sessions, and keep a record for it.
It can help you big time in such occasions.

I'm sure your tracking of the points are correct and I know I know nothing about this, but is it possible that some of the points you've calculated are not capable of being applied. For example; On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00am to 4:00 pm I can collect double the amount of points at CARBON, but during all other hours I only receive the basic amount of points. Is there some games played that don't count towards these total points? Just a thought!

I think Green might be right here, and i give him credit because something similar is on full tilt poker too.

And here is another catch, fidelity points made in a promotion doesn't count when you want to clear out a bonus or be part of a promotion.

PokerAce will close now, next time check with do you dealing with before you spend 30 days on some virtual race to got nothing at the end....had the same problem with PartyPoker 4-5 years ago : 180 hours of playing during 30 days for nothing.

yeah.. I got the title wrong on my latest post they are merging with Dafa Poker... everyone's money should be safe. They also have a notice up at dafa poker about the merge.

As i said in a different thread if they merge and not close it mean that you'll be able to cashout there...

Know you might need to make a min deposit to the new platform too in order to cashout but overall iPoker is a lot better.

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