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Hi there Everyone iam feeling a little bit silly alright alot silly
I got my bankroll gift of $50 dollars and went straight to a no limit 20-50 table with $20 of it it took me about half an hour to loose it and i rebuyed with the other $30 i had it up to $60 at 1 stage and wanted to leave the table as i was hooked and felt as though i was on a roll i got pocket AA,s and got raised from a $2 bet to $10 and in the flop another A without thinking hit all-in and was called to my disgust the flop contained not only my A but 3 of the same suit,i think it was just a bit of an aderlian rush when i was raised on pocket AA,s and seeing the third in the flop.Next time i might sit back a bit first and think about what everyone else has Aww crap!

haha,thats what happens when you play to high,believe me i have been there,
its because you feel uncomfrotable when you play too high.
the set is a classic you know better but somehow you subconsciously just want it to be true and you have to call ,the first ten minutes you start thinkg stuff like what a set up it was but when you coold down you realize that you could have made the lay down all day if you just were concentrated.

wish you all the best and remember without money management they will destroy you in poker

You where just unlycky there, keep up you game and you vil deserve you founds Smile

with 50$ play 2$ sng or nl 0.02/0.04 Agree

You have to grind low limit and not gamble like a mofo on upper limit Tongue

unlucky unlucky unlucky Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! damned american airlines...i'm really sorry for you boy,'s incredible Confused

dont worry there old friend keep at it constantly and eventually you will be winning more than you lose, you need to stay at it hard for another good year keep up the young work chefskie young gun!

BRM for the win!
With 50 bucks you should only play the lowest games. Even if its only 1/2 cent.

To the AA hand. Where is the boat when you need it? Blink

I think you went wrong by not pushing preflop, u let the flop come in and may have been able to get him of b4 it started, next time use BRM (playing within your limits) and remember $2 aint worth a $60 bet sometimes its best to let them go AA or not you can be donked, GL for next time

I think thats the reason why theres something like bankrollmanagement.
I mean i play exactly the same way you do, and i suppose thats why my highest bankroll at this moment is 0.04$.
But i know the extase of using your bankroll as stack.
dont read to much of those 25$ to 11k in one night threads Tongue

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