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its weird how easy it is to win final table once u get there ..... few bright examples they go all in there J10 KJ Q2 and so on ????? WTF i cant understand how easy they wanted me to win (twice in 3 days)

where did you do this ?
what were you playing and what did you win ?
be nice to know nipitir

Based on what game and how much the buyin or 1st place to 3rd payouts are I've noticed some players get over anxious once they're at this point (final table).
All I know is I was in a month long slump and I've had pretty good last two days of play. I know it sure is nice for a change and hope your luck at the F.T. is on-going.

maybe teddybears is right ,usually in low stack or low buyin tournaments u can see that kind of loose skills of u re opponents or even in freerolls with low prizes.If it was i really good tournament u must be blessed Blink

The game certainly changes drastically once you get THAT deep into it...

I usually find I do much better when I get to a final table...

Seems there's 2 kinds of folks playing style there,....either really loose, or really tight. Not much in between...

what kind of games were you playing out there???

Glad for you that it worked out good 3 days in a row for you and that your facing some strange way-playing poker player out there once you reach the final table. But makes me believe it's really low BI games where the prizes difference arent that big... but still, Great job Blink

Yeah this happend most in freerolls and low buy-in tournaments. But I have felt the same way to many times. I also think i play better myself when I get to a final table. I think that one of the reasons for me is taht I play better 7 handed and down. So when I reach the fineal tabel I wait and play really tight until we are down to 7 or 6 players. And then it´s normally easy for meto get a 1st or 2nd place.

Not sure why but it always happend to me, i mean i think 70% of the times when i hit the final table i also won the tournament...

Of course many times on the final table people decide to play all in or fold but it's interesting to see with what hands decide to go all in Shock

Once you reach final table the game kinda changes.
And that happens mostly to the tournaments were the prizes in top 10 worth it.
If there is a huge difference between one place from another then you will find some players play
tighter to secure a bigger win.
And of course you can tell most times the ones that have their head down looking only for the
first place Smile

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