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Which ROI and ITM are good for stacking?waiting for answers(not judjies)

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Ummmm... if I understand your question properly (which I'm not sure I do), I think you're asking "If you were going to stake somebody, what ROI and ITM% would you look for?"

Firstly, you want to make sure you have a big sample size - ie, the player you are looking to stake has played a lot of the tournaments in which you are looking to stake them.

The ITM% is a good indicator of consistency - ROI can be skewed by one or two exceptional results, but ITM% should be over 15% for a stake to likely be profitable.

As for ROI, as I said - it's hard to judge based on that - but you're gonna want it somewhere over 75%... and strangely, really high is not definitely a good thing. Above 200% indicates a risk taker, and probably not a reliable person to stake. Somewhere around the 100% mark is a good target... meaning for every dollar staked, the staker and the stakee will both win $0.50 on average (with a 50/50 deal).

Hope this answers some of your points.

Oh thanks. my english is not so good(writting), that is the question. hmmm 25% ROI and 11% ITM on pokerstars for me with no depozit and ~220$ played. 1800 games, ~500 sng

As a comparison.... My stats are - (for MTTs only)

Total buy-ins - $5221.44
Games played - 1184
Total winnings - $11269.00
Profit - $6047.56
Avg ROI - 116%
ITM - 14%

That's ONLY MTTs and ONLY on PokerStars....

I've played lot's, but not quite as much on Full Tilt and Party Poker, with similar results.

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Ooooh.i.must shot up. Good for you. i wanna that you will incresse your profit until now x100000000000000

Just as a general rule i can tell you that it's better to stake people that have a high ITM.

I mean a high ROI could just show on a small sample of game that a player plays over aggressively, a high ITM shows that the player has a more calculated approach of the game.

   0 s my qwestions Tongue :what those acronims means (ROI,ITM,etc) ? what kind of supervisors site do u use and how good it is ? i use sharkscope but i know there are few more as good as sharkscope ,like..... pokerprolabs etc .Who do u think is the best?

I don t know which is thebest.i use usually.

ROI = return on investment. Example: You buy into a tourney costing $10 and win $20 - your ROI is 100% (10 profit being 100% of 10). If you fail to cash, your ROI is -100% (sorry, got that wrong first time round)

ITM% = In the money % ie, the percentage of time you reach the cash places.

If the two above examples were the only tournies you ever played, your ITM would be 50% and you avg ROI would be 0% ( (100-100)/2 ).

Hope that makes sense.

Sharkscope used to be the best for SNGs, but now you need to be a paid member to make it any good. Pokerprolabs is good all round for checking results in all forms of poker... but my fave is officialpokerrankings - It only covers MTTs (multitable tournies) but you can register for free, and the stats on there are very useful.

I think right there that yout85 answer is probably the most complete and sense answer you can get in here Smile as he said, you got to know the player very well before makin this kind of desicion so you can have a good idea of where our heading to

You can use the software from the pokershools and they have a lot of interesting articles about roi and itm. The answer in the post before are verry good and to calculate the excactly roi you can use the software.

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