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What would you do if you won $0.10 360 sng today!  0   
didn't win the world record tourney yesterday...bummer, so now more realistic question i guess:

i would:
1) get drunk (if $4 would buy me me enough degrees)
2) party with at least 4 melons (assuming their rate is under $5 combined)
3) organize a freeroll for mobsters ($1 guaranteed!)

good one Big Smile

Get you some mental help! I'm thinking $4 would definitely make improvements because your crazy! And you know I mean this in a good way!

...I'm in 3 now, approaching the money - so I'll think of something quick.

nothing becouse ill not play that kind off poker tourneys
there to many donks who play whoose kind off games Blink

I didnt play it. I was working. Sad

i got $4 in this as well, had 15k then my internet connection broke so got timed out, checked it out in the morning and got $4 in account lol

lol,nice one Pochui Thumbs Up
if it was me i'd stake you on stars with the winnings i got.
at a 50/50 split of course. Big Smile
mind you there's not much chance of that happening as i don't play those games,sorry.

I will loose them as fast i can. And not joking, im the best at loosing money. Won last week this tourney, in 30 mins had nothing left. Sunday won 4$ in World Record Tourney, 20 min of tourneys and $0.
I rly dont know how to pick a tourney, the day, the hour, the minute, the second, the table, so i can win something more than 4-6 $. Sunday played 3 big tourney, with a total prize pool $553k+, got form 1 toruney $4, and thats iit.
Any1 who wanna play for me in those big tourneys? i pay the buy-in, or win the entry via sattelite( winning tickets its like stealing a candy from a kid ).

Have a nice day/night and Gl.

Party with FOUR melons...??? Are you talkin' keeping TWO hotties busy at ONCE....???

You ol' horn dog pochui.... Thumbs Up

Think you can handle 4 melons at once....? You only have 2 hands... I guess you could juggle them Big Smile

would help to pay the external debt of the country jajajaj lol
360 0.10 eh this tournament already won a couple of times. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I would sleep during 14 hours at least. Gosh, that's a huge number of SnG to play in a row, or even in a day, i usually play at two tables at the same time, can't figure how it would have to be to play all those!

I played the world record tourney to. Bet didn´t get itm. But i got in the money in a Pokerowned freeroll instead. But I like your idea about hosting a freeroll for BRM members. But I would win it Big Smile Good luck everybody.

thanks for your responses brm'ers- another bummer though, haven't won one- so no booze, no melons, no freeroll Disagree
@demodawggy- hahaha juggling melons, that sounds uplifting Agree
@teddybears - forget about the idea of staking me, i would just use that money for vodka & tell everyone that i lost the money on cash tables...

Pochui the Melons Juggler

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