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Hello,i have a question to you poker players,does anyone felt really unlucky after money withdraw from poker rooms?
Few days ago i made cashout for 50dollars in partypoker,and i suddenly became bad beat king.
What to do you think ?
Its not the first time for me.

Thats just in the mind, just play your A game and you will get back on track. Smile

I don't know about partypoker but there are other rooms that has a soft competition, ipoker networks if you want to play.

Anyway it is all in the mind. Good luck!

Your cashout and bad beat is two different thing ! no relation both.
Do you know ITM ? even winning player just have 17% ITM ( In The Money ).
It's mean from 100 MTT you play , you will get prize 17 times,so no need frustrating after made cashout.

My English isn't well. just learn yourselves about ITM. Good Luck Smile

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this is just one of those floating myths (same as "after 5 reds there is more chance for black to come" or "my left ball is bigger than my right one"...oops that one may be valid Confused ) - think logically, why the hell should any poker site turn on "fcuk him with AA's" program after u cashout? if they would, they better do that while you still have money in your account & playing at the tables...whats the point in letting u cashout $50, and then stripping you of remaining $5-10?

Well i think im rly unlucky after a cashout. On ballboker made a cashout, and i left in my account 25 euros, lost them all, and since then ( 1 month or more ) never had more than 1 euro. Tryed to get something from freerolls, nop, nothing. and before cashout, without getting something from freerolls it was like, you cant find porns on internet Smile).
Its in our head or something, cant play good ... i dont know.

Have a nice day and GL.

Never noticed something like that. Probably its just bad luck.
If they wanted to "eat" your money they would have done so before the cash out.
Better luck in the future.

happens to all of us ..... when u re bankroll suffer or is freshly constructed u feel like nothing works so u ll end bleaming ''the dealer' Tongue
Just play as u did before that and if it still happens means u have a bad day ,nothing more
Gl at tables ,if not ,.....swich it Blink

Posted by pochui:
turn on "fcuk him with AA's" program

what !!! you mean they got a program that can do that ?
i always knew online was rigged.
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

This is one of those old online poker myths, i never quite experienced it first hand, i mean after a cashout always what i lost was in resonable margins. nothing too spectacular...

Still, if you feel that you are on a winning streak on a poker site you can always deposit and play on another one too Blink

Posted by pochui:
"my left ball is bigger than my right one"...oops that one may be valid Confused

I feel you bro, but I dont care at all, girls were never complaining Cool neither guys Big Smile

All in the head man. Work on your mental side of the game. Smile

I don't cashout because I keep losing the monies, poor me. Aww crap!

You're perfectly right, i remember when i play on Pokerstars and after i withdraw $60 or more i remember first thing i had to do, DEPOSIT MINIMUM $10 if i want to win something, even if i keep $20 or more for play after withdraw, but this is classic, if you withdraw they don't like and if you want to win you need to deposit.

After you withdraw money from any poker site,they put a tag under your avatar''Robber''and you get all the type of so called 'bad beats' .Poker on line is so rigged..Try the deposit method and see if it works.Good luck

It is clear that poker sites do not want players to cashout money thats for sure.

That it's a fact but to think that they'll basically rip all your remaining bankroll after a cashout it's hard to believe...

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