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PokerStars has announced the 5th installment of their popular MicroMillions festival, between July 18-28.
The series features 100 events with buy-ins as low as $0.11 but prize pools as big as $1 million.
The combined guaranteed prize pool is once again $5 million, however last time the series was so popular the final prize pool was an amazing $9,588,892.60.
MicroMillions is one of the most popular online festivals on PokerStars because it features buy-ins everyone can afford, but prize pools to die for.

not the biggest fan of the micro millions takes too long for a very small return unless you get extremly lucky. might play tourneys 5.5+ though

or if its a $20 main event again

Always liked micromillions to be honest ( specially when getting free tickets to play some events Big Smile ) For such low buy-ins one can really get a nice return if running deep. Usually it's also a donkfest i'm afraid but if your cards hold a couple of hands, then it actually works in your advantage later on to get a few bingo queen that are not afraid to double you up. Let's hope i dont blow my roll on stars till this starts Tongue

Not a fan either, actually tried to win on two events on the last edition but it didn't worked out too good for me lol

Still there might be some interesting events this time that might worth to play.

I've actually done pretty good in some of these Micro-Millions tourneys in the past... Certainly will partake in a few here and there...

Like takingdrugs says,....some of the higher buy in tourneys. They seem to be most profitable,....and I'll add, have a lower 'donk factor' than some of the lower buy ins... Smile

just like lukasb i'm waiting for some free tickets (deposit/reload bonus), usually stars offer sth like $3.30 ticket for $20 deposit. if this is the case this year then i'm definitely in. otherwise no real value in those tourneys, unless you're in through satellites, huge donkfest still due to huge fields and relatively fast structure...thinking of having a go at one of zoom tourneys

I hope i will be able to hold on my small bankroll till that time , if i will be able to do that , then i will probably try my luck at one or more tournaments , who knows maybe i will even get lucky to get in tournament throught a satellites ...

yea love this on stars Smile, I will be playing in 10+, will post when i win one Big Smile

I like Micro Millions! My favorite tours.
I playing that every time.
I never win on any MM tournament, but now, i will ship it! Smile

Same here my favourite tourney why?

You can win big with a small buy in and there are lot of satellites for :higher buy in" event.

I'm definitely going for it, because it matches my bankroll and maybe i'll get lucky.

Good luck all!


I will for sure have a close look at the tourney schedule and try to play some of them, depending on my free time for playing poker.
Unfortunately I won´t be able to play in the Main Event (because I am on holiday - which is for sure also nice)

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