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888poker T-shirt freeroll Promotion  -1   
Get a free official 888 poker T-shirt and entry into a 10000 freeroll by accumulating 205 status points by 25/07/13 GL

Or by first deposit of $15

I need play 155$ buy in tournament or SnG.
By 25.07.

ill be there im bankrollmobryan lol ................................................. 888 are you ready to get wiped out ...lmao Thumbs Up Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

It says 25 points not 205 points, that would be way too much just for this promo...

I could try but frankly the idea of an t-shirt doesn't sounds too tempting for me, i mean if would have liked it if you only had to make a deposit.

It is different for everyone

I have 120$ buyins in sngs/mtts

I dont think that too many players will go after this promotion.
Not a T-shirt that most of the players are after.
Now if it was Full Tilt or Pokers Stars they wouldnt have time sending them out Smile

I've already won a pack of 888 plastic playing cards and a 888 poker chip set .. so maybe i'll try for a t-shirt.

I se you have started making a collection with 888 items.

That must be it indeed, i still need to make a deposit since last month i cashout almost all my money from there, maybe i'll give it myself a shot too.

I mean it's really easy to make those points but i hate the fact that in my case i also need to make a deposit lol

Does anyone already have one?

well i tell you what,i just don't fancy depositing $15 to get a t-shirt,now if there was some tickets involved,well that's a different story Smile

gl at the tables.

damn, my task is to enter in a tournament or S&G with an 365$ buyin ,it doesn t say about accumulating an 365$ in buyins it just sais an tournament or S&G ....belime or not i would be happi to acumulate 205 points (easy).....max 10 days
i have to mentin that i ve already won 2 cips set and i must say that they are in a good quality.

Hey vic,....I see both you and Ryan a thumbs down for no good reason....

I got some also,.....seems like some loser here has it in for Canadians...

Ya get a thumbs down for posting up a thread about a cool promo for a T-Shirt...???

wtf kind of idiot would do that....???

Just watch,...I bet I get one now too. Fat Tony can look to see who it is... Big Smile

Its not a bad promo depending on how many status points you have too earn I wont participate because of the 205 point requirement but if you only have too earn 25 points then that sounds reasonable free t shirt and a ticket for a 10000 freeroll GL Dollar Dollar Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Who would want to walk around with a 888 poker t-shirt ?? not me ...
Unless they will sponsor me then i would consider it..

Telling the true, I don't want that T-shirt even if I get it for free..... Confused

Maybe if Georges St Pierre MMA fighter would sign the shirt then you could sell it on ebay for a nice little profit lol Blink Blink Blink Cool Cool

I got this offer but don't know if I can be bothered to deposite and play there just for that since I don't usually do well there anymore.

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