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How many of you still play on there. Since the re-launch the traffic seems really low, and given how many people used to play on there, its just no where as popular as it was.

Given that pokerstars is open to the same number of players, why is Full Tilt not popular. Do you think that the BF events have put a lot of people off playing on there.

i still play on full tilt ... just a few games ... mostly play on stars ... handy being able to quickly transfer money between them ...
now that stars owns it i dont have any worries about things going like before

I agree with Roddy McDowell up there above me... I like the ability to transfer trouble free...

I play the BrM freerolls there,....also the various freerolls and the SnGs...

Didn't like the place initially,...feels like playing in a cartoon,...but it's grown on me since. I do very well in the SnGs and there's no where as NEAR the number of donks and bingo queens... Thumbs Up

Not a bad site,... I trust it fully... Thumbs Up

Open to the same number of players?

The US of A is still out of the game, so one should expect a drop in numbers for this reason only. On top of that, they are no longer a competitor, but Stars second brand.

Shokaku is right, not sure if you guys realize but FTP started as a site promoted exclusively by american players so a very large part of it's players were from US.

And now since those players cannot play now the traffic is definately much, much lower.

sure thing full tilt was mega popular back in us, so with all the money sacks banned from online poker naturally traffic cannot be restored to previous heights. that aside i still expected way more traffic, having in mind that it is essentially same site as jokerstars. doesn't look like player base is growing too...

I play at FullTilt and at th moment more than on Stars.
I like their promos, because its also for lowstakes players possible to earn money from the promotion.
Furthermore I feel that the competition is softer than on Stars.

Yea i agree with most folk now that Pstars own it i think its a safe place to play but yea the traffic is low on it, i deposited the other day and when going to scheduled tourneys there was alot less available and the field seemed a lot lower than i remember. anyway i sometimes prefer the traffic being low

Posted by pochui:
so with all the money sacks banned from online poker

Lol i think of the american players in the same way.

Its been quite some time that i last played there.
I did a cash out and left a few dollars in.

But even then, the players where way down than before Black Friday.
If americans come back they will grow again for sure.

I would play there..... but can't on account of being a bot.

Maybe their traffic is so low because they've banned all the "bots" like me.....

They never given a reason for which you were banned there? , i assume you are also banned on PS since they have that recent rule that one player banned on a site should be banned on the other too...

Send them an email, they often make mistakes so your case might be one of those mistakes.

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