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Got over 5000 points now  0   
I've just past the 5000 points, but to be honest I am in a quandary here. I will be cashing out to Moneybookers at some stage, but its not like I really need the money at the moment, and in a months time I get about $300 from an affiliate account I have on a poker site.

Would you take the money now, or let it all build up until closer to when I get the $300 then cash them all out together, or should I take my BRM money now and just get it in the bank safely..

What would you do

If you do not plan to spend them on some mob games then cash them out now...

I mean there is really no logic to keep them here if eventually you'll cash them out Smile

didn't you ask us for lending you money for super super nova elite... you are trolling a bit .... don't you.... Big Smile

Mere mortals should cash out the money now, but you should wait untill you have points for a million dollars, and than take on Isildur with that money again.

mobsters above pointed out well that basically there is no logic for letting your money rot in brm account with no use. there is no added benefit of withdrawing $300 after some time or withdrawing $50 for six times in a shorter period.
of course it's your money, and your decision is final, btw congrats on hitting the 5000 mark Thumbs Up

you might as well withdraw them now even if you don't need them, they are better in your e'wallet as to being in brm because you will not have to wait for the payout when you do want it.

Not much sense leaving your money in BankrollMob... It's better to have it in your Moneybookers account in case you might suddenly need it one day. Just remember, could take as long as a week to get it processed, and if you need it right away,'ll be $h!t out of luck...!!!

Besides,...were you not taught NOT to just leave your money laying around somewhere...??? Smile

if u say that u don t need it right now,why to cash out .My opinion is to leave them here maybe u ll get to crack the safe with 60-70$ with just 100-200 shots Tongue ; u ll be more happy when u get to cash out 300$+ . In my country is like an salary on full time ,so it is something...but u can do what u want cuz are u re money.Drive safe (after drinking)

gratz im hoping to hit the 5000 points in this lotery got 500 tickets i hope i win plus got some chance to get more tickets true the calander hope i win would be freaking epic anyway gratz

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