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Hello players,so yesterday i played poker almost all day in the morning online poker,later live poker till night.
So what i saw,that i at first hour of poker can play really good,in online poker i made 20 dollars in 15minutes(i guess i was lucky) but later i lost it in next hour,same at live poker,i played cash and made from 10 dollars to 30dollars,and then i started play so bad and lost it all(in 3hours).
So maybe someone know some info where i can read something about it?

Don't play long sessions then. Most players will lose focus and start to play worse after an hour or two of play. Give yourself a rest, and return to the tables later.

Every people is different mate, you do not need to look at other people like Blom for ex that can play ultra long sessions.

What i'm trying to say is if you can only can concentrate 1 or two hours at the table and then you play your A game than you should play only that interval Blink

hahaha i would take your problem right away- make all the profit in 1st hour of play and lose all of it later...easy solution: stop playing after 1 hour Confused besides taking home all of your profit, you would also save yourself lots of time, so a double win here. gl on the tables, under the tables and between the tables...

yea ,i gwess pochui is right oance again BUT... if u want to be a ''semipro'' and win an major tournament or a good one u have to endure at less 3-4h .If u play online its easy,lesen some music ,wach tv,or something that stimulate U (say no to drogs ;p ).If u don t have time or u re not in u mood pass that day.
Btw if u say that u re gameplay is stong in first hour play more S&G (turbo or superturbo)u ll also learn to be agresive in short tables ;P

Its online poker.
So nothing stops you there to take the money and run one time after another.
Take the winnings while you are at it and take a brake.
Then start a new one.

This is where bankroll management...stop loss limits become important when building a roll. It's equally important to set limits and stick to them on up and down swings. Depending on the amount won...tend to only fall 20 BB max, usually set it to -10 BB. The theory here is to stand up from the table with a positive result. This can help one recoup quicker becoz of a positive mindset at the outset of ur break.
It's one of those things that requires some discipline to initiate and becomes easier over time. Tend to use orbits and +/- BB's instead of the clock, find this helps to stay focused longer. When our focus starts to wane or when it all starts to go South...then as the song says...."know when to run" Smile

Thanks for advices Smile
So today i won 10 dollars in 15 minutes and ran away Big Smile

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