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buzzing just sat through 4 odd hours with a $30 satelite ticket to earn a $200 seat in tommorows supersunday $150,000 . and i done it all with the no deposit bonus that BRM sorted out 4 me . it,s 10,000 starting chips and ive never played so deep stacked B4 so im of to bed to b up early to find were i can get any tips on how to play this Biggie . well the biggest ive been in so far any of you BRM ers got any links or tips 4 me to check out B4 the kick off will be respected peace out THEMOP Blink Big Smile Smile

play how you always play nuff said

SOrry but I would de-register and take the tournament dollars instead.

The chances of hitting a big score in games like this are very slim. THe fact you needed a bonus to even play on that site suggests you don't have lots of funds spare to play with.

Take the money and run..

What ever U decide to do with the ticket ( as fcumred pointed out the sensible thing to do is take the tournament dollars......but i would play the supersunday) I wish U the best of luck.

Just be aware if U play the tournament, that with a deep stack like that, U should not take any risk during the first levels. View ur oponents and wait for ur chances as they will come,

Wish U all the best and keep us updated

it wont let me coz i got there thru satalittes

yea it wont let me deregester coz i got there via satts . so ill just have to hod tight and like you said wait for me chances Cool i will let you know how well i do Blink cheers 4 reply Cool IS there a way i can take the tournament dollars??? or do anything else with the ticket ??

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about wich pokersite are we talking??

GALA I done pretty well in it for my first biggie(big 2 me) got the feel for the way you play a big stack and did smell a lot of bluffs and saw luck hit.. Sleepy I lasted 2 hours and got very involved in play ended going out on a pair a crutches . I should of folded after the flop but the pot size plus % left me hitting the f$%k it button . if id of took that pot down id of chilled into the payouts. still it was a good experience and will continue to compete Smile have a winnin day all you BRMS peace Agree themopster

Too bad to hear you didn't fare well... Confused Either way, should have learned a few things... Tough call though, whether or not to enter or take the money and run as suggested... Would have been an interesting game though, and if things went your way, you'd be telling us how money you won...

Hey,...a few years ago when I qualified for the casting pool on The Big Game on TV, in the final round there, the starting amount of chips was $50,000, which seemed rather strange to be starting off with. I guess they wanted you to get a feel for what it will be like if you got on the show and started with $100,000.... Thumbs Up

When you think about it it's just a tournament so you should expect a sick variance, i mean even top pros don't hit ITM all the time...

Still i guess this was a good practice for the next one right Big Smile

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