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Hi, i just made a break at my summer vacations down at the beach (it was a bit windy, by the way) to come to play the Big Little Tourney at Full Tilt. At first, when i won the ticket, i thought it would start at 20h00, so there wouldn't be big problem in playing it, but having it at 18h00... that's in the middle of the afternoon!!! It just started, i folded my first hand (K7h and there were th and Jh at the flop) and i also fold 2c8s, it's too soon to start talking about hands!
GL for all playing this tourney like me, hope you get what i want too, which is to get to the first 900 places as the first objective, reach the final table as the second one, and put my hands on those $4k, the big one! Cool

good luck in your game i'm playing at stars today, no tilt today for me

Out of 4 entires I'm left to one(currently at 16.3k chips). Got totaly dominated by Russians on two entires:
1. AQs. 2.5bet, Russian calls. Very dry flop - 3h,4h,8d. I going for a cbet to protect my hand for half of a pot, dude instantly goes all-in so I'm certain that he is hoping for a Heart flush. Since mine AQ were also of hearts I called his all-in. He shove 9T Heart so I'm on huge favor, but obv trash got rewarded on river with T and knocks me out.
2. pack of 4s, since there were 3 limpers before me I just soft called. Flop is 3d,4d,6d. Russian does a 3/4 pot bet so I'm certain that he's representing some overpair or ever better - just a pair from flop cards. I reraise him, he goes instantly all-in, I call, he shove pack of 7, I'm quite reliefed just to see 5 on the river, which gave him a flush.

3rd entry was totaly shitplayed by myself - I called with KJs, which I shouldnt coz in my opinion is worst hand ever - you get J on flop? AJ beat you, got K on flop? there's still AK and QK
Obv there was a K on flop + a flush draw for me. I kept calling till river and didnt hit flush, nor J and dude had KQ.

I'm quite happy with my 4th entry tho - had one imba hand. AQ and hit quads of Q and managed to play it that well, that two guys that were in aswell though they are way ahead of me and kept calling/betting. I almost tripled out on that hand, but since it was after tourney start it didnt give me any edge at all.

What I find funny in such tourneys is that whenever you check leaderboards there are always couple of guys that got enourmous chip count. Like how the hell someone manage to reach almost 18k chips in 10min of play when you start with 2k? It's like winning all-in shove vs whole table

I know the tournament, i guess i also got an email from FTP about it but i'm not playing it...

Anyways good luck mate and make sure to keep us posted on your evolution Big Smile

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