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Hello Mobsters,

As those of you that pay attention will have noticed - I've not been around for a couple of weeks. This is because, after months and months of trying, I have finally got a new job, and I couldn't be happier Smile

To celebrate, this is what I'm going to do:

Every day when I get home from work, and every weekend, I will play as many freerolls and cheap tournaments as I can... Whatever I have in my account on August 31st (my first payday) I will give away to the wonderful members on here. This means ALL cash, weekly round two tickets and possibly mobpoints (if someone can confirm whether or not they can be traded???)

I have around $6 on my account at the moment and this amount will be included in the giveaway (plus any winnings/minus any losses). I will only play scheduled MTTs, and nothing with a buy in of above $0.50 so as to give myself the best possible chance of increasing the giveaway amount.

I have not yet decided how to decide who gets what... so any ideas on that will be appreciated.

After thinking about it for a minute, I think I had better limit the giveaway amount to $500... just on the off chance I win any silly money Smile

Also... I don't want this to turn into a begging thread. I'll make this clear now...

Anyone begging or telling me why THEY should get any money will receive NOTHING.

Edited by yout85 (07 August 2013 @ 19:08 GMT)

Wow! You people here are getting so nice and generous.
Congrats on the new job and good luck at the tables.

I wouldn't decide on who gets what until I see I have something to give... you should probably decide when the date is getting closer, if it is still relevant...

That's a good point roeish... so bearing that in mind, I'll put up a guaranteed amount of $20 - even if I go broke. (plus any tickets - which I expect I will win around 10 of, and mobpoints - which I have around 2500 of, if that is possible)

so if anybody who wants some of your Dollar asks for it,then they'll get nothing as you will deem it begging.
how are you going to know who wants it then,you clairvoyant by any chance.? Cool
i don't want any but how about you give everyone who does a number (they'll have to ask for it )
and then you pick out the winning numbers yourself.
just an idea.

lol teddy... yeah, maybe I didn't make that very clear...

I didn't exactly distinguish between telling me you wish to be a part of this and telling me to give some money to you.

I quite like the numbers and draw idea... I think that could work.

I'd want to pay out at least 3 people, so it's not just 1 person getting anything from this...

So maybe 1st place $10, 2nd $7 and 3rd $3 if it's only $20 and more if it's any more than $20. If I did this, I would put a limit of $25 for each player so there would be a potential 20 people getting $25 - and I would do a separate draw for tickets and mobpoints(?)

Sound good?

give it all to me or else... Evil or you can sponsor "Ronin's Open" homegame with any amount u wish & then turn up and win it back yourself Confused
everyone else- hands off from MY money...

oh almost forgot- congrats on your new job Thumbs Up

Thanks pochui Smile

You've gave me another idea there - maybe I could split the money in two, give away half in a random draw and put the other half up as a prizepool for a homegame.

....Luckily, I have a few weeks to figure something out. Once I'm settled on something, I'll make another thread where people can let me know if they want to be eligible for any prizes and I'll assign everyone a number.

Glad to hear you found a job!!!!

Or you can make a homegame yourself.

I'm sure or melons man will be man to organisch this Thumbs Up

Good luck with you're dissicion.

Greatings jakobusss

Yout85...............WOW really exceptionally generous on your behalf. i think the idea of a donation to Ronins homegame is a really good idea. you could put some in the main prize fund and a nice big bounty on your head which will give everyone a good chance of benefitting.

Nice giveaway mate, i will not join since i know many other mobsters could use it more than i do.

Anyways thats a pretty nice way to celebrate a new job Smile

Well, everyone is welcome to join the homegame whether you declare an interest or not - it will likely be the first Saturday or Sunday in September.

The more home games we have the better I say.

Congrats on the new job mate, what are you doing?


Official job title is VAT clerk - but I do VAT, tax, payroll, accounts, bookkeeping.... basically anything that you need if you own a company or are self employed.

A decent job then. Good luck in it bud.

We used to have weekly games which were played on Fulltilt for the Mobsters only. The game would be setup and cost us each a $1.10 or $2.20. BMWman at that time headed up these games and would post the password or code. It was listed in the "Private Games" sector and with Mobsters being the only players with the code there were no issues.

Just saying you need to know how to setup a private game, choose the site and then you'll have to provide a code for entry. Don't know if any of this helps and maybe you already have this organized.

Good Luck

I always thought one of the WORST things going, was LOOKING for a new job...

GETTING a new job is GREAT,....especially if it pays well,....but the looking part is always a bummer...

I think pochui's idea is a good one! Smile Thumbs Up Saves you the trouble of having to pick somebody, and folks have to work a little and maybe have a little luck...!

Very generous of you dude...!!! Thumbs Up

Good luck with your new job...!!!

Hello yout85
That´s nice ,very generous of you.
The best of luck at your new job and if it makes you happy his for sure the best job in the world because nothing is better : BE HAPPY AT WORK PLACE AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE

Congratz on the new job buddy....I am very pleased for U...... Hope U will continue working and being happy there for a long time Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

arrow-knee- registerd now? Big Smile

congratz. 4 your new job...i like you roffer ...very generous...Best regards

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