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OK so here it goes. I'm a new guy here on BankrollMob. I can already see you have a nice community going. I've been playing online poker on and off for about 7 years and yeah... I'm a losing player. I've played 99 % on stars and looking back I would say I am about four figures (on the low side) in red. So not really awesome. I would guess my biggest problem is getting tilted when variance hates me (which does happen quite a lot frankly Angry) and starting to play higher limits to get cash back. Regular stuff I guess...

So I kind of decided that I’m trying once more and if this doesn't work, maybe just realize that online poker is not the thing for me and leave it behind for the most part (maybe play a Homegame here and there).

So the goal: Don't get broke by the end of December 8-D

Plan: I have taken the Mob no deposit offer on Winner Poker and got my free 15$. I also have a no deposit bonus on PKR for 10 $. I will invest about 65 $, probably half to each not sure yet. That plus some offers would give me about 50 $ bankroll on each site and some bonuses to clear.

I am reading trough poker articles at PS Online Poker School and P***********y (if I shouldn't wrote this tell me or just delete it) and kind of trying to really grip the basic mechanics and make my game a bit more solid. On the psych side I am starting with reading the The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler and just sticking to the limits and goals that I’ve set for myself.

I should probably mention that on Stars I’ve mostly played Zoom SH and single table SnG’s. So this is what I am comfortable with.

For the last week I am playing a few freerolls a day, just to somehow get a filling for tournament play. I play P***************e Open League freerolls and BRM 25 $ Freerolls (I cashed for the first time yesterday 0,08 $ yeeey ). I will probably play some First depositors freerolls when I actually deposit.

So my 15 $ Mob bonus on Winner was actually granted yesterday and I’ve said I’m gonna try things out a little. I’ve opened two 1c/2c tables and one 2c/4c (there was kind of a lack of NL2 tables). And the story of my life started to happen Sad.

First I shoved KK into AA. OK checks out it happens. One buy in down. Next AA vs 77, not good he hits a 7. Two buyins down. Still cool. Next KK vs 33, again not good he hits a 3. Here I was getting pissed and a bit scared of losing the money in 15 minutes. That kind of affected my play for the next 100ish hands in which I’ve lost some more (couldn’t hit the flop for life). So after about half an hour from the start I was down to 5,50 $. Crap :S

And then I found something called Speed Poker. And my state of mind kind of went to “ah if I lose everything in half an hour on lowest limits playing very tight, then maybe it’s best I don’t even start the project.” And so I went and sit at 2c/5c (the lowest limit) Speed poker tables (kind of more comfortable with this format because of ZOOM) and played TAG for 750 hands. Ended with 20,20 $ on the account… so I guess I survived the first day.

After I deposit I am planning to stick to this games at Winner and grinding them out. Any ideas what should I play with around 50 $ on PKR?

Hope this thread continues for more than a week (or day). *keeps fingers crossed*

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This seems interesting... You seem to be kinda serious with this, so I believe you can make it ..
But as you said you seem to have some problems with tilting,I hope TMGOP helps you with that ..
And also with such small bankroll please stay away from the NL5 tables ( I'd keep 20 buy-ins as the absolute minimum so $50 on each site means 20buy-ins for NL5 but if you fall below that please go back to NL2 Smile )

I have to agree with djpremier, 20 buy ins is actually pretty low for NL5, i would only play NL2 with that bankroll...

Still if you can play a tight game you could start at NL5 and once you build up to 30 buy ins you could start playing a bit aggressive.

Sounds like the biggest problem for you is the mental side and tilting. When you feel like tilting, just stop it and watch a movie or something and then try again later. Every time you feel like raising the stakes, just think for one more second and close the program. I know it`s hard, but you definitely feel better the day after.

I would grind lower longer for more buy ins for the higher stakes tbh so even with his insanely bad runs it wont dent his bank roll as much.

As for your bad runs and bad variance it happens to every; especially me but I am slowly learning to deal with it and the best advise I have been told is get away from poker for a few hours and when you come back you will still have your bank roll and your tilt/bad times should gone.

Good luck in your quest, Sergi.

Hello. Still alive Smile

Thank you all for your advice and some kind words... I will try to follow them.

Quick update for today... things didn't go very well. I've played about 1500 hands on Winner. Started where i left of yesterday - 2c/5c Speed Poker. You are right this is a bit too much for my bankroll and it has shown today. I've lost two buyins and that kind of halved what I have on currently, so after that I went to regular NL2 tables. I really hate that there is no NL2 speed table on iPoker Sad Because making any kind of volume is going to take ages on regular tables... plus as I'm finding out iPoker skins are quite laggy (and the whole dealing and everything appears slower) comparing to PS. Which is funny since the later handles x times more people than whole iPoker combined.

So the Winner account status is 13,13$. Could have been worse. Looking at some specific hands I would say I lost about 4 $ from being an idiot and picking bad spots. So there is still a few dollars from just pure "bad beats". I will stick to NL2 regular tables, just i hope I'll be able to get some hands together.

On a happy notice... I played two 60c "Standard" tournaments (2000 people max) on PKR. First one in the morning... whole 35 people Smile I came 4/35 for 1,75$ and now in the evening I've played another where I was 5/82 for 2,87$. So PKR account is 13,32$.

I will deposit in this week (I hope I'll get to it) and I guess I'll stick to cash games on Winner and try to find some ql tournaments like those today on PKR. And some freerolls here and there.

Till next time...

Just a short update (I'll try to update everyday just to be constant and keep myself a bit more disciplined)

Played 700 hands NL2 on Winner, pretty decent session made more then 2 buyins, most of AA and KK survived no major suck outs from the opposition so I'm quite happy. I do have problems with traffic at Winner so I'm using the Quick seat option which sadly also offers NL4 tables, which I then play with 50 bb. I know it's not optimal but searching for tables with such low fluctuation is just frustrating and time wasteful.

On PKR I played a couple more micro buyin tourneys and one NL2 cash table (just for couple of hands to see how it is), ended a bit up also.

Winner -> 18,72 $
PKR -> 14,89 $

Ok hi again. No I haven't gone broke yet Smile

The thing that I said about posting and updating everyday... yeah it's not gonna happen Smile I'll rather try to be more disciplined at the tables than on the blog.

So I did change the project a little... I am going to drop PKR for which I didn't take the bonus on BankrollMob anyways. Reasons... first of all with the bonuses I want to clear I don't think I have enough time to play two rooms. Secondly, I know I am bit spoiled by the fact that I've played on Stars for most of my poker life, but PKR is dead during most of the day. So I will probably play couple of freerolls there for which I got tickets (when I'm going to be really bored) and see if I'll be able to cash out something...

And here we go... Winner Poker. I will continue to play what I have played for last days, that is NL2 (and NL4 tables playing with 50bb when there is no NL2 available).


I got 15$ of free no deposit bonus money here plus there are 4 more batches of free money worth 185$ - if I understand correctly I have to clear 7500pp to get them all in 90 days so until 17 November 2013.

Today I deposited 40$ to the account at Winner and from their special offer got another 15$ free + I got 250% bonus to clear... which means 100$... for this bonus I have to accumulate 7000 points by 23 November 2013

I have got conformation from support (which was great by the way, we managed to solve everything, they just don't like my emails so we had to talk trough live chat) that the bonuses are cleared simultaneously.

Up til now I have played about 5000 hands and I have 95,23$. Which means 95,23 - 40(deposit) - 30 (bonuses) = +25,23$ Which means I'm happy with results for now. Big Smile

Gl with your project most of your hands posted seem like regular beats so can't see anything wrong with your game so far.
Looks like your doing pretty good so just keep it up and watch yourself on those zoom tables

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