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#7 No begging for money / staking requests in the forum. We do not want any threads asking/begging for money, not even if you intend on paying it back or even double the pay back. If you need money on a pokersite, request a no deposit bonus or deposit with your own funds.

oh buddy, I am really sorry, I haven`t been on the forum for like 4 months, I didn`t know it`s now illegal.Thanks anyways.
Best regards!.

I think it will be difficult to find someone to stack you,unless you can prove yourself a winning player.
Best not to waste your time Big Smile

If you were sitting on a streetcorner with a potato sack for clothes and a bent tin cup looking for a hand out,....I would toss you a few bucks...

BUT,....being that you were looking for money to gamble with,....I would have to decline... Smile

Just wait it out dude.... you'll be back playing in no time once your buddy comes through for you! Thumbs Up

hahahaha like it i wonder when da fak it was legal to beg in brm forums...4 months ago..really Confused stupid me- i should've went on creating 20 begging threads a would be living in a new house with big boobed blonds surrounding my salami for no financial rewards (yeah right)

When I was active in this forum about 3-4 years ago, i honestly don`t remember so many begging threads pop up. Every single day there is someone new. It`s pretty frustrating to be honest. I just don`t understand how people have no pride at all.

I was joking about the begging.I am a fellow mobster and I needed a little bit of money to play, because I love to and I didn`t have the means atm.I was going to pay the money back in 5 your coments are frustratung not the request.Have a good day.

Posted by CipciganDM:
Hi, I`m here to ask if someone could stack me with 10$ on pokerstars until ~ 20:30 GMT. I lost my stack and my credit card is empty.A friend was suposed to send me some money and he will tonight..
I will repay you + 10% of what I make.

Did the poker bug gets you? You want to play so much you asking for money, happens to me and it never ends well, you ends up busting the money quick , when this happens I play some freerolls till i get bored, you should try that!!

Thx m8.Today I haven`t played at all and I was really eagar to play but my friend(who ows me ~ 130$) wasn`t at home to sent me some money...I have enough money to play and not be sad for losing 10-20 $ but I didn`t want to fund my credit card just for this Big Smile It`s all good tough, thanks for the tip Big Smile.
Have a good day! Cool

Man supple trouble when you ask for money here. Especially when there's so many ways to make some money besides the no deposit bonus offers. I rally don't give two poops about it and would be more then glad to help most of the people who have asked since I could probably assist everyone and still wouldn't have been down a $100.00 yet, but that's me.

Good Luck, but I don't think so!

The truth is that we need from time to time this kind of threads on the forum LOL

I guess those that post this kind of threads will stop when other members will stop donating money.


just kidding Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

no but really stfu ffs ysfa (can you figure it outO>o)

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