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- sjt2121 sitting in seat 1 with €17.14 at end €17.14
- _kaka78- sitting in seat 2 with €3.50 at end €3.50
- LEDAI sitting in seat 3 with €28.48 at end €28.48
- Leksa sitting in seat 4 with €8.95 at end €8.95 [Dealer]
- sh1 sitting in seat 5 with €10.96 at end €14.64
- Phisix sitting in seat 6 with €4.08 at end €0.00

sh1 posted the small blind - €0.05
Phisix posted the big blind - €0.10
** Dealing card to Phisix: Q of c, Q of d
sjt2121 folded
_kaka78- folded
LEDAI folded
Leksa folded
sh1 raised - €0.25
Phisix went all-in - €3.98
sh1 called - €3.78
sh1 shows: K of s, A of d
Phisix shows: Q of c, Q of d
** Dealing the flop: K of c, 5 of h, K of d
** Dealing the turn: K of h
** Dealing the river: A of c
Phisix shows: Q of c, Q of d
sh1 wins €7.76 from the main pot

Yeah... fun stuff Smile

Still, I like my usual outcome better... I have QQ, he has AK... we go all in... flop comes xxQ I go yessss !!!! turn 10 river J *me brakes keyboard* Cool Quads are a bit rare yeah Smile

Although I had a situation in PLO once where I flopped quad Q ... the flop was QQA and the other guy had something like AKJ10 and we went all in and turn and river were both Aces so... sick things happen Smile

They always get the cards they need against me in coin flips but when I need them they never come up. Oh well I won my money back hitting 4 of a kind tens on the flop

What`s so sick about it? Just a coinflip...doesn`t matter if he hits quads or just a pair of kings. It happenes all the time, just gotta get used to it and not let it bother you.

Oh, and btw, why were you so short stacked?

Because someone lucked out smooth calling for a flush and hit it.

Sick because two kings and an ace came up. It's over kill. It annoys me because when I call with AK I never hit but when its against me they always win.

It doesnt bother me I just thought it was sick for a coin flip.

Yeah it happens, my personal best was: I have AA opponent has A8
flop ->888 and I am done with zero chance of course it was heads-up so it's more all ins and all, but still very unlucky

There are so many bad beats like this it's hard to believe there can actually be that many that fall when it's my hand. Especially if I have AA or QQ! I actually believe they're the worst two pair for me to play.

I had 2 quad hands at the exact same time today in 2 different tournaments on pokerstars....I was playing the BRM freeroll and the pokerschool online one.

Just pushed with AK in a MTT as was short stacked and the guy with A3 one. Guess its just me who never wins many flips.

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