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All eyes will be on Facebook when it eventually launches a real money poker client, which is perceived by most to be a game-changer in the industry.
It will be fascinating to see if real money Facebook poker will be played with avatars and screen names, or your actual Facebook profile including your real name - if it is the latter I think we will see a very different online poker experience.
Do you wish online poker was more anonymous or would you prefer to know exactly who you were playing against?

For me - it matter only in countries, when poker is not regulated - like in my country. Facebook is pretty easy to trace, and to chase the people who want play poker online... So in this case - I prefer anonymous playing. But if I would be person from country, where poker is legal - it doesn't matter Smile

a game-changer in the industry...really? i struggle to see that, pretty much like pkr claimed that they had a game-changing technology with their 3d poker...and we see where they have ended up with it (at least they are still in business). don't see how playing poker on fuckbook with all those sh1tty ads is a pleasant experience, and if your true identity (dunno which of my 3-4 accounts that would be) is publicly visible that will discourage lots of potential players

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It might not suit current gamers but it will surely bring the game to the masses. If playing poker for money will be on the biggest platform in the world, it will surely have positive impact on the industry, especially in places that it's not legal.

If the masses will start playing for money, than we would probably get some of them later on the regular sites, once the money barrier will break.

Im not sure this will be as monumental an event as people make it out to be....!

As for bringing poker to the masses, you only have to look at TV advertising to see it is already within the realm of the masses, such as a certain triple numbered poker sites recent ads.

Its just another shift in the market that will bring more money to the tables and more winners and losers, just with the ordinary gambling market that was once behing darkened windows in remote high streets, and is now in everyones pocket!

Zynga will not seek to enter the real-money gaming market in the United States, the group announced along with its 2013 Q2 financial results Thursday.

“Zynga believes its biggest opportunity is to focus on free to play social games,” it was stated.

“While the Company continues to evaluate its real money gaming products in the United Kingdom test, Zynga is making the focused choice not to pursue a license for real money gaming in the United States. Zynga will continue to evaluate all of its priorities against the growing market opportunity in free, social gaming, including social casino offerings,” it was concluded.

Zynga launched its real-money poker and casino product, Zynga Plus Poker and Zynga Plus Casino, for UK customers in partnership with in April.

OH YES!!! That's all we need... A place for all those facebook freerollin' cockroaches to play poker....!!!

Maybe THAT will distract them from INFESTING the BankrollMob tourneys on PokerStars...!

I can't wait!!! Get them all in one place,...then STOMP them all into oblivion!!! Send them all to the big freeroll donkfest in the sky... Big Smile Thumbs Up


To me is a a big no-no to play in an online environment with your real data exposed to anyone, there are simply too many security issues than are involved.

On the other hand the number of fishes will be HUGE so the profit can come really fast.

You win 100.000 $ at big tourney and will be the most happy Facebook user and on the very next day someone will kidnap your dog for ransom....or worst.
No, thank you.
I'm not playing to be expose to psychos of all kind.

Zynga or Facebook poker, one thing is sure, if there will be a real money platform I will never consider playing on it.
I find this organisation very untrustworthy.
Once had over 300 Million on chips on Zynga (3-4 years ago) and they took it all.
Besides that, I believe Pokerstars will continue to be the best pokersite and even gain more momentum since their shares in the markets continue to increase...
And Zynga won't have something more to offer than Pokerstars already does.

Well i'll wait for a few years before giving my feedback.

But from my perspective currently, I dont think they will get a huge enough members that play regularly, because we already have pokerstars who have the share of the market.

Also about anonymity, its best if we have it, just wonder when you win a jackpot and you get people begging for money or if you want to brag thats another thing!

buttbook, stynka and all other social smoshial platforms are no real ccompetitors to real businesses - they just try to grab their share of the pie from every activity they can think off (music, movies, poker, shopping, toilet paper etc.) but they end up just a cheap look alike...i think they should concentrate on what they do best (though i can hardly see what that would be), and whenever they want to lurk into a new territory- they should team up with strong brands in that specific industry- say poker...they could've formed a partnership with party, 888, pkr or any other not top brand but strong enough brand, who cannot directly challenge stars/tilt...

Why someone would want to play poker at a site that exploits personal data like that?
But at the end its the majority of the users they choose to do so.
So the outcome may surprise many.

If they can exploit our data by just browsing Facebook just imagine when they could do with our linked bank accounts on that site.

That kidnap post could be right but there are also many problems with revealing your true identity.

I mean the fact that you play real money gambling sites and everyone knows it could also be a major drawback if you want to hire and the employee does a simply G search for you on the net.

Just recently Pure Play developed Rapid Poker and Phil Ivey has Ivey Poker located on FB. They are both play money pages. If they plan on real money games then their security will have to tighten up dramatically. IMHO that site is way too loose in that department. For info purposes Pure Play is a US based play money site, they do offer real money tourneys to win cash. The SnG's are played to earn points for the tourneys and the cash tables are strictly play money. Can't imagine playing real cash there on FB any time soon....hackers dream

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