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Has anyone else had problems withdrawing from BALL POKER?

I've been waiting since 30th July 2013 when I made a withdrawal request only to have to wait 8 days while it stayed as pending. Finally It was processed on 8th August 2013. I'm still waiting till the present day for it to be credited to my account.

poor customer service, no contact number,, only email. Ive not had a reply to my recent request as " Whats going on with my withdrawal"

Has anyone else had problems?

welcome here.

You may read more on this matter here

write there so we will have only one thread about the same argument Blink

Hope this help

Check out the link that magatt provided in the post above...

As you'll find out there you'll see that you are not the only one with this problem. Good luck!

Yay. took another email today, early in the morning my time and this afternoon got paid. It's a strange site. The other problem is my accrued rake is not accumulating as it's supposed to in the cashier. Found out have amassed double the rake and should have received my first payout by now. They want a screen shot of the cashier page...might make some more money today. Smile

rbdflyboy, the good nesws is that actually you get paid eventually but i guess for a player that invest and play top Dollar in poker Ball it's not a good option.

The other problems is the poker traffic, it's not really that great, especially on higher limits.

will tell you this much...this is the last small poker site. Your right Macubaas the traffic is very low and there are only certain times one can play where there are enough players to table select....otherwise one must take what's given...and at times it's really no fun. Smile

22/09/2013 22:13:39 Neteller withdrawal NETELLER € -50,00 € 0,00 € 0,00 -- € 0,00 Pending
I declared withdrawal but the mere suspicion and waiting -do do not very reliable

While it is more than a week that you have requested a cash out with Neteller, it is still not alarming.
We have seen cash outs taking more than that in various sites.
Send them an email and ask politely why the delay.

It is normal to wait some days for a withdraw. But a month this is not ok. It can happen that they need some ducuments for the id check. Perhaps they Need some persomal infos about you. Ask the support for details and than you get your money in 1-2 days.

If there is not enough cash flow a month seems ok for such small sites.
The probably have a backlog and they are waiting for deposits and rake to pay their customers.

I'm still waiting ,I wrote them a week ago ,I ask how longtime it takes payment -""Hello,

On average it takes 10 business days for withdrawals to be processed.

Best Regards,

Customer Support


"" 10 days passed, I continue to wait ! Smile)))

me :Hello, I want to ask, it's been over 10 days , is it likely soon to process this withdrawals ?
they: ""Hello,
We have forwarded your email to our Payments Department.
Best Regards,
Customer Support
Ballpoker"" I,m still waiting ,But I know you'll never deposited in sites that softuer
Aww crap!

today paid , but if people want to play with them ,
should be more accurate !

Edited by indifference (07 October 2013 @ 16:27 GMT)

Better late than never Smile
Like ive said before.
For such small sites and especially at the beginning its normal to take some time
to pay out.
Not how should they do it though.

Ballpoker is reallydisappointing me last few days.

1) They HAD a promo running this October: RAKED HANDS RACE where there WAS a leaderboard with cash prizes to win (nice money) and I was multitabling hard to get in first positions.
Well they missed to update the leaderboard since the beginning of October and yesterday they CANCELLED it.
Complained by email and they claimed they did everything according to T&C (and it is true).

2) They HAVE another promo:$150 DEPOSITORS FREEROLL with four freeroll to be held every Sunday.
Well I DID A SMALL DEPOSIT they registered me to the tournament but last Sunday they cancelled the tournament because of lack of players.
Complained by email and they claimed they did everything according to T&C (and it is true) adding I would be registered for the next Sunday $150 freeroll (by the way now only 1 player is missing to reach the minimum participants) and that I can withdraw the money I deposited whenever I would like to.

I think they aren't serious.

What's your opinion about this behaviour.

I cant say anything about the promotion with the rake, but the one with he the cancelled
tournament due to lack of players is a common policy.
Both these are signs that they arent doing good.
Better keep some distances Smile

@Magatt966 about tournament its nothing new to canceling the tournament for lack of players , but for withdrawls on the Ball Poker or everywhere in online poker clients you must to reach some points to make a withdrawl better go ask them , and won how much you need then make withdraw. GL

yep,i still waiting 2 months and nothing on the horizont.Make a withdraw 300euro and they send me only 100euro,what is this.A joke?

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