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Well WCOOP will be starting on stars shortly ... and the sattellites are running at the moment giving us the opportunity to get into these high buy in mtts on the cheap.

last night i entered a $1 buy in 91c rebuy for the limit stud ... by end of the 90min rebuy period there had being about 90 entrants and a mass of rebuys and the winner would get a $320 entry ticket with spots 2 to 6 getting $55 and 7th getting $9

as for me after buying in 4 rebuys and addon for total of $5.55 i was chip leader which i held till the final 17 and then had a disaster and ended going out in a 11th spot ... so dam close

but have to say was worth the effort and will keep trying a few more of these and hope i get lucky ...

have a simple stragety lol dont get more than 4 rebuys and if i bust out then leave mtt and try again another day

Aiming to win 2 of these if possible and cash in one as i couldnt spend that much on one mtt ... if i won a second one then id use it to enter

the odds are slim but as i got close last night its not impossible so fingers crossed and hope i dont make a disaster play like i did last night

next one is running in a couple of hours time and i hope to get to play it and run good like last night but without the ending

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Sounds unlucky for you photolong....... just be careful that you dont get sucked in to spending as much in satelite buy ins, rebuys and add ons, that you could have saved up and used as a single buy in etc for the main tourneys.

Good luck on the felts.

Good thing that you have put a limit on it.
I have played rebuys add ons in the past and i see some players getting stuck
on rebuying one after another.
And at some point you see that in order for them to make a profit, not only they have
to be in the final table, but at least in the top 5.
It makes you wonder.

Dam 13th tonight ... deep again but this time played fine got sucked out last two hands grrrrr

Good luck mate if you continue to try on these sattellites...

I didn't try it since mtt is really not my type of game but i want to participate in a wcoop event since i only pay half of the buy in, a friend stacks me up.

Posted by photolong:
Dam 13th tonight ... deep again but this time played fine got sucked out last two hands grrrrr

unlucky there again mate,the way you are going it looks like you will get there.
just be careful you don't spend too much on rebuys though.

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