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You know its a Canuck site when the top prise awarded for any freeroll is a properly chilled beer keg with new taps, and and a bag of jerky Smile

Ronin Cool

Posted by mascona:
That's my revange.
We'll see, if I can withdraw my winning here: Tournament #4764840, $500 Casino Games Freeroll

------------Tournament Details:---------------
Buy-In: $0
Number of players: 474
Total Prize Pool: -
Tournament started: 09/02/13 at 17:01:17 EDT
Tournament ended: 09/02/13 at 20:22:44 EDT

Dear player,
You finished the tournament in the 2nd place.


Thank you for participating.

Why not cashout half and clear your bonus with the rest Confused .... you must have read the T&C's by now. At some point we need to decide when to start grinding out some points, as this is the intent of the bonus. Congrats on the cash...hope u do well with it. Smile

I'd suggest he buy some good Canadian beer with that... Big Smile

...I know I'LL never forget the times I'VE swilled THIS stuff... waking up 400 miles from home in a strange van on some street somewhere in Montreal in

Sorry, but I prefer a real beer.

New info from Action SCUMMERS:

"Hello player,
Your payout request (703298) has been Denied at 08:24 on 2013-09-02.
Must Rake GET10NOW At Least Once Before Any Withdrawal

You have requested a payout of ($80.00) throughMoneyBookers ($80.00) "

Edited by mascona (03 September 2013 @ 13:18 GMT)

Attached Imagespolish_beer_brands.jpg z6098319Q.jpg

You can ask for a cash out for the profits only.
If you leave in your account the initial deposit along with the bonus for it, then you can request
a cash out for the rest of the money in your account.
I have done so many time in the past, but not in the specific site.

No, you can't....not at Action Poker.
You have to rake some fantasy rake of 100 $ after depositing of 10 $ to get a possibility of withdrawing even your winning $$$....which is SCUM.

It's most definitely not Canadian. It's against federal law to operate any kind of casino or lottery in this country privately. Maybe the players are Canadian, but that''s a whole different ball game.

For giggles mind posting the email they sent you with the terms and conditions of the offer? Sounds pretty fantastical.

Thats a policy followed by many shady casino's trying that your money is long forgotten right after
They have the specific rule, forcing you for playthrouh before cashing out.
And the most outrageous thing is, that if you ask them to deposit without a code for a bonus
they will tell you its not possible.
Thats a huge flag there, to not even bother.

I'd have to agree with some of the other Mobsters here! You can't just let it go without trying to get feedback from their support staff. I have learned that trying to address something like this while being upset / frustrated is more difficult then playing the nice person and seeking answers.

Just contact support and question them as to why you can't withdraw and go from there.

I did ask and they told me that I've to rake like 60 $ in order to withdraw anything from there, which is a completely bull.hit ----> they gave me 10 $ instantly and now I've to make a bets of approx. 1200 $ to cash out of my 90 $ winning.

Posted by mascona:
I did ask and they told me that I've to rake like 60 $ in order to withdraw anything from there, which is a completely bull.hit ----> they gave me 10 $ instantly and now I've to make a bets of approx. 1200 $ to cash out of my 90 $ winning.

That IS a bad deal. I would not play there for that reason alone...

On the other hand, you've now got a decent bankroll there to clear the bonus (and maybe get some more profit while you're at it). The worst that can happen is that you'll lose it all.

Good luck...

So I already lose 30 $ from my 90 $ winning and get 20 POPs for it , so I need "only" 580 POPs mor and can cashout rest. LOL
What a fakin' joke !!!!!

If you get a little lucky its up to you getting the points you need and make some profit for cash out
I believe from now on you will be more careful before making a deposit and read the Terms
and Conditions.
Good luck with your playthrough.

Now it's been quite a long time since I played at Action Poker, but I did play there a few years ago. And I canät remember having any problems, what so ever, with cashouts.

There wasn't that many players, so you got to know many of them. Therefore it became my "drunk-place" to play.

I got quite a lot of good bonuses, tickets to tournaments with quite a lot of pricemoney, any few players. once I even won 17 $ without knowing I was in the tournament...

Anyhoo, that was a few years ago. Maybe things have changed.

I hope the site NEVER allows any SCUMMERS from Poland to cashout.The poles just use the funds to buy anti-lice shampoo.Damn Polish SCUMMERS! Big Smile Thumbs Down Dollar Thumbs Down Big Smile

lol its run out of Norway publicly listed and you tried to take out 35 dollar most large sites require 50 so I think your problem might be a withdraw limit. You should also not slam poker sites as they might not be likely to give Brm anymore promotions. If someone said give me a dollar you f**king scum bag are you gonna give it to them?

just read your other post so your trying to take out your bonus money lol scummer hahahhahahahaha

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