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G'day Ladies

It has been decided that we shall have two candy stores.
This one will be for the female mobsters.
Since it is a new day we shall begin the new area.
Enjoy the beef cake ladies.
be cool
Here are the first candy's in the new section.

Ronin Cool

The community has voted and we are NOW!.


be cool

Ronin Cool

Edited by RoninHarper (02 September 2013 @ 16:25 GMT)

No second posts (other than mine).

Just goes to show that the ladies in here dont want to look at blokes' chests, or guns (LOL) and maybe just wanna focus on their poker. Thats fine but dont come spoiling the fun of the rest of the men in here!

Next there will be equalitists claiming that packs of cards are unfair as there are 2 men and only 1 woman in each suit.

Told ya you should have posted a pic of my junk, in both your threads, could have turned out so different..

SUPERTHIGHT............... Following your post........... this is what u called candy store hey!!so what candy will i suppose to receive ??is there a true candy ,lollypop or something that refresh over my body .feels good if u lose a hand and taking a quite candy isnt it Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

This thread was commenced by The Candy Man some time ago........ As you can see, there wasn't much (Any) take up from the ladies! Maybe you could be come the Candy Lady! Alternatively, maybe you can work your way through Pochui's rather short tsuggestion of options!

Read more:

Well i'm glad you shut this thread down ronin,as i think it is very "sexist" i mean c'mon putting "for women" in the title whilst the other thread is just the candy store...........pppfffttt Big Smile

or maybe not,i have just seen "men " in the title Confused

i would like to comment that this post is also not a related poker which gives non educational for players around the world .forum are forums most used in a proper destination of what topic is. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile sorry to say that where not born to speak more english for yur convenience.... Worship Worship Worship Worship

There is just no pleasing some people. She asks for a candy store for women......she is given the one and only original then she dismisses it as none poker related and none educational then moans about speaking English. Great profile pic though! Thread resigned to the annals of time.......

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