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That's right, got an email with this promotion which will be apparently running till the end of the month ( i think it's not the first time they do it anyway).
The stgs are pot limit with 10k starting chips, still, the action goes quite fast imo. You can only register in one once every 20 minutes so there's no real need to speed things up too much.
1st place pays a 30 cents ticket ( like T money at pokerstars but you can only enter whatever of the exact value) 2nd and 3rd pay 10 cents each.

For anyone that wants to give them a try without depositing ( and specially for the ones who CANNOT take the gift offer from brm ) it's a nice way to start.
Gl for everyone that decides to give it a go! I'm already there Big Smile

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I think i got some info about them in an email they sent a week or two before...

I guess the good part and also interesting is that the game is PL, compared to the madness you can get on NL i think the action is a bit more temperated.

I can't play at PKR anymore because of geographical restrictions.

But if you are lucky to win some money with these freerrolls and plan to play cash games i would like to warn you guys because the rake you have to pay at PKR is huge compared to other sites.

Personally i didn't like PKR because of the graphics. It's distracting and no good if you want to play on multiple tables

thanks for spreading the news here lukasb Thumbs Up do not bother checking my e-mail that often, so i sometimes miss a nice promo here and there...this one looks great for building your roll from scratch, especially nice is that u don't need no deposits, so no risk of losing your hard earned cash...gonna have a go at these someday

Posted by SuperpokefA:
But if you are lucky to win some money with these freerrolls and plan to play cash games i would like to warn you guys because the rake you have to pay at PKR is huge compared to other sites.

No kidding... I just checked it out:
They charge 10% rake; that is just ridiculous; that is twice as much as Full tilt and Party Poker, and almost three times what Pokerstars charges...

That's like going for a swim with cement shoes on...

yea,party poker also have a massive rake ,i never played on PKR but i saw the softwere ,it looks the same as winer poker that means on this part they r better then partypoker no?
PS thsi is for pochui :on party poker u can complete those missions /achivaments even u play free tournaments .Those 500/1000/2000 giveawai u must play ,gl Blink

Just an update in this thread.
The stgs are soooooooooo easy!!! either that or I'm an above average player in micro- stakes at pkr lol.

Played 18 of those freerolls so far and cashed in in 12 with 6 first finishes! Unfortunately i can't play them anymore for now ( the catch is that the tickets only last for a week upon being issued and u can't have more than $1 in your account as real money) since i spent already 3 of those in normal stgs and cashed in all of them, including a 1st place. so now i have over a dollar and that means no more free stuff for me Sad

Lets see what happens with the rest of the tickets i gathered.. then we'll know if it'll be enough to start a bankroll or not.

Well, as a final update to this thread, i uninstalled PKR again lol..
Did fairly ok with the tickets, considering it was free money but then took it all ( $3.50 i gathered from all the finishes ITM made) to a cash table and with a mixture of bad play and bad luck i managed to lose it all holding a straight A high against a full house Disagree
Considered giving it another try but didn't. I'm not a fan of their software for a couple of reasons.
First i have an old pc so i could only play the lite version.
Secondly even the lite version uses too much of my internets connection. I can multitable with pokerstars and fulltilt opened at the same time, but with pkr i couldn't even have chrome running without crashing coz of low connection.
Seems it won't be there i'll make my freeroll fortune haha.
If anyone else is doing those wish u the best of luck! I'm one less for u guys to worry about Big Smile

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