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So I'm in a BankrollMob tourney the other day,...and out of the corner of my eye I see this player's pic.... I'm thinking... "That's pretty funny, of those those puppets you make with your thumb and fore-finger...."

THEN,.....I look a LITTLE closer..... Shock

Big Smile< lol.... ahahaahahahahahahAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahaaaa......

EDIT: Oh DANG.... The pic won't upload.... TOO BIG....

If you're on PokerStars...look up the username: aleyoly

Bummer.....THAT is one funny pic...

Edited by demodawggy (07 September 2013 @ 19:34 GMT)

hehehe... Big Smile Worship

Okay,....I figured out how to resize the pics.....

Enjoy.... Big Smile<lol...

Edited by demodawggy (07 September 2013 @ 20:49 GMT)

There are a couple of pics like that over the net Smile
The one that has made the more hits is a classic one with Homer Simpson.
If you havent seen it just google it Smile

I think i already saw this picture somewhere else on the net and indeed there were more that were pretty similar to it lol

I do not think stars moderate avatars as long someone does not report, i saw really graphic images there.

hahahahahahhahhahahahaha Big Smile
i never seen that one before, must admit it looks cool...oh btw stars do moderate avatars, i remember i had a few of them discarded back in my time with stars, so they probably didn't see anything malicious here Big Smile
just a wild guess- is he russian right?

Hm... I belive I know tihs player in real life, his name is Clark C*nt, and he is a real superman when it comes to the ladies. That there is a picture of some special work he did with his sixth grade teacher to get straight A:s.

(No, in reality I have no idea of who he is.)

Seems to like sausages a lot imo..

Well, You ask us how to play THAT fish? Oh, it's not that thread... Blink

I don't think stars will find out unless someone complains. I would never even think it's what it is. how the hell did you spot that out? how big is your screen?

Well, well! What's that smell? I'm just joking Pochui don't try to scratch and sniff it because you'll just be smelling the finger you pulled out of your (I'll say ear).

Anyway a very creative avatar and at least there's no nose so I guess it's fine!

Posted by Greenmohave:
Pochui don't try to scratch and sniff it because you'll just be smelling the finger you pulled out of your (I'll say ear)

too late....damn it, me and my smelly finger...

"....Scratch 'n Sniff...".......??? Shock

Big Smile< lol.......ahahahahahah.....

You guys are grossing me out with this smells like fish stuff.... Confused

By the way,....the saying here is 'Smells like fish, tastes like chicken'...

If you encounter one that either smells like fish, or tastes like chicken,...or both... best just leave it alone dudes...

Ha ha, that is a funny one, love how it's just disguised enough to pass inspection and not get removed. Gotta love hiding in plain site.

What kind of chicken are we talkin' about and how does that happen?

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