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You got an answer for that question above mate? Would like some feedback. Smile

My day was going okay and I was just checking my emails and I had an email from Ladbrokes giving me a free 5 euro ticket for one game of Twister Poker so I just used it and had a chance to win 10 euros(After the wheel of fortune span). Managed to win it just now. Now I have a new cool £8.20 to play with on ladbrokes. Not really that great at HU but managed to dominate the last guy after I knocked the first person out.

Happy Phisix now I have some cash to play with. A money win on the up coming SNAP freeroll would be the cherry on the top of my delicious Sunday cake if that happens.

n1 m8

will see you on the final table on the snap game Dollar Dollar Dollar

I hope so. Good luck. I still have 19 SNAP tickets to use too.

G'day mate

Dude that is sweet, I hope your day continues to go well for you.
It would be GREAT to read that you turned it into a 200+ bankroll Smile
Truly think you should play a tighter style of poker and work for the longer slow build.
Trying to build to fast just leads us to busto city, all of us.
be cool

Ronin Cool

Posted by Phisix:
I hope so. Good luck. I still have 19 SNAP tickets to use too.


I only have 3 but can only play one a night so shouldn't miss one, I do play to get the extras too.

I am waiting to withdraw from 888 but need the promotion to end first Tongue

G'day fellow mobsters

I think I have a bunch of tickets and things on my 888 account too.
I keep meaning to log into my account and play some poker there but always seem to just go to one of my three primary sites.
Wish you all the very best of luck in the tournaments
be cool

Ronin Cool

you should play em.

It is my main site so if u need help moving any winnings that's something I could help with

And I am out. Blinds were getting big earlier and my 1010 ran into a short stacks AA then pushed with 55 with my last 300 and ran into 99. Was playing well until the 1010 call but was either running even's or just over. Always a higher pair Sad Furthest I have got in that all week. Tomorrow will be different. Evil

How you doing still, Ice?

888 is probably my preferred site to play on now. It's the easiest to use, nicest look and less crap than other sites for me. It used to be ladbrokes before they ruined it by going from Microgaming to Ipoker. You should use those tickets up Ronin it's a fun freeroll since it's insta fold.

Also won a BI on ladbrokes so bankroll now on £10.

out already

playing crap today!

I wasent for once. Was up to 3000 at one point then card dead until that AA run in. There is always tomorrow. Do you actually know how long these SNAP freerolls are running for?

Twice-daily @ 09:09 & 19:09 GMT Thursday - Tuesday from 24/04/2014 to 20/05/2014

2 more days :/

Aww crap that is gay then, I have been enjoying these. Least I have enough tickets until the end. Big Smile

Those Suarez freerolls are on too late for me too(or was it too early). It's a good thing I have this free Ladbrokes bankroll and Iron to Bronze freerolls until I start losing my 888 status, unless I can double or triple my bankroll on ladbrokes withdraw some and put it on 888 for more SNAP love.

First day back playing at ladbrokes and I have a losing session. All the right calls and raises but losing to junk chasers as usual and weird calls. Should be up £5 but luckily down just under break even(Break even from what I won earlier) so no biggie.

Hopefully tomorrow variance will favour me. +1 for no moaning today though. Big Smile

Second day and my first sessions of today have gone rather well. Was playing 2 fullring tables and managed to win back up to £10. Will take these players calling me street 3 bets with TPMK when I had TPMK or a set any day of the week.

Also had a quick blast on speed poker and managed to crack AA and also got a short stack limper to called my QQ push so made another £2.30.

Bankroll siting on a modest £12.50 now. Still quite small so I need to get to £20 or over before I feel safer.

This is why I hate freerolls and players thinking any A-rag is good. It seems to be a hand that wins more often than most. With his raise in that position I put him on 1010-kk A10s-AJs maybe smaller pockets but no set's. Players like that usually donk off AK on the turn if they get called down so thought I was good. Did not expect him to have A8o. Was playing quite well before that happened.

#Game No : 639038599
***** 888poker Hand History for Game 639038599 *****
$75/$150 Blinds No Limit Holdem - ***
Tournament #58356213 Free - Table #182 (Real Money)
Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 8
Seat 1: .ZigZag. ( $11,252 )
Seat 2: kmoosomin ( $4,448 )
Seat 3: danieldixon1 ( $1,710 )
Seat 4: wagnervidal ( $8,606 )
Seat 5: Phisix ( $4,460 )
Seat 6: malu666 ( $1,780 )
Seat 7: Gaspar15 ( $3,311 )
Seat 9: xyxy2013 ( $6,576 )
malu666 posts small blind [$75]
Gaspar15 posts big blind [$150]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Phisix [ Qc, As ]
xyxy2013 folds
.ZigZag. raises [$600]
kmoosomin folds
danieldixon1 folds
wagnervidal folds
Phisix calls [$600]
malu666 folds
Gaspar15 folds
** Dealing flop ** [ 8h, Ac, 4s ]
.ZigZag. bets [$900]
Phisix calls [$900]
** Dealing turn ** [ 6d ]
.ZigZag. bets [$1,650]
Phisix raises [$2,960]
.ZigZag. calls [$1,310]
** Dealing river ** [ Ts ]
** Summary **
.ZigZag. shows [ 8s, Ad ]
Phisix shows [ Qc, As ]
.ZigZag. collected [ $9,145 ]

Nice warm up for the SNAP freeroll coming up soon. You in as well Ice?

Edited by Phisix (19 May 2014 @ 18:37 GMT)

G'day mate

I know what you mean, I really do.
The sites just keep letting dumbass idiots win over and over to keep them paying high rake.
It makes me sick at times.
We need to play within our bankrolls to succeed.
best of luck mates
be cool

Ronin Cool

I was phisx, I lasted about 3 hands ;p

I was doing quite well until some one limped in with QQ and the board naturally gives me TPTK with AJ and you can tell what happened. Last chance tomorrow to win something but for some reason it seems really hard to progress well in these freerolls now for some reason.

Ronin, you should try tomorrow as well since you have a spare ticket.

Been a good and winning day for me. Not played slow normal tables on the micros for a while but I have been crushing today, although not really won that great of money but been playing TAG and everything is going well. Been playing a mixture of 6 max and fullring. bankroll feels a bit safer but still a way to go. Think I will follow strict BRM this time as I want to start making proper money.

Bankroll £14.85.

Edited by Phisix (19 May 2014 @ 23:22 GMT)

ah great to see u got some br again phi, gz Big Smile

just try to umm... manage it a bit better, so you dont go busto in 2 cash hands :=P and gl with your remaining 888 freerolls, hope u can get some cash there too, having more than 1 br is always good, i just got a mail from pkr telling me i still got 30ish $ there so it was nice surprise. i kinda forgot to reinstall that one after i formatted my pc, but since yesterday i cashed out most of my stars balance (new monitor for free, ty stars Big Smile) ima give pkr another shot.

Althro i didnt really liked their ... well, most of it though, i guess it was just too big of a change after playing at ipoker and stars first, playing in 3d just felt weird Angry

Yeah I need to refrain from taking big shots at higher stakes once I make more bankroll. Going to try and stay on 20bi's at least on every stake. If I managed to get enough BR for 10NL I may go nitty and not jump up to the next one until I have 30 BI's as I know what I am like.

Hoping to finish tonight on at least £20 to be in my safety zone but we shall see what variance has in store for me.

I have a few 888 freerolls a day so there is always a chance but for some reason I just cant do well in any since last week. Last SNAP freeroll today as well so I need to end it with a bang!

Edit: My 888 SNAP freeroll tickets are still usable until 5th of next month. So I can still use up the 18 tickets I still have left. Nice.

Why is it every time on I poker speed tables if I get QQ/KK/AA everyone on the table folds or there is a higher pocket pair. Starting to think I am cursed on these tables. At least on 888 and Stars this doesnt happen as much. At one point in three hands in a row I was against KK, then QQ then AA. Funny variance.

Edited by Phisix (20 May 2014 @ 17:53 GMT)

Posted by Phisix:

Edit: My 888 SNAP freeroll tickets are still usable until 5th of next month. So I can still use up the 18 tickets I still have left. Nice.

They may be valid till then, but I think tonight is the last night of snap freerolls.

I hope you are right and I am wrong though, I have 4 to use up too

I will check tomorrow and tell if it is still on. If they are valid still we should be all good.

You playing tonight then I take it? Just having a freeroll warm up in the Iron one. Was up to 8k then check-donked on a 60/70% straight and flush draw combo. No luck though but still doing well.

i will be playing but tbh im shattered and cant concentrate.

my poker the past few days has been 'hope I get knocked out quick'

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