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well winner doesnt have that, i believe. when i first started i got free cash from brm (on winner), won some and cashed it all out, then a few days later i just wanted to play a few cash games and i think i was able to deposit just 5 bucks but that was last year ... when i was still a newbie, unlike today.

Big Smile

but yea you should try winner, its ipoker just like ladbrokes (i think ladbrokes is ipoker too?) so it probably shares same players pool too

at least its not WH, i remember when i used to bet there, min deposit was $20 Angry

I have £3.99 left in my bank(After a messy two days of drinking and socializing) Used £3 on 888 before but for some reason they are $10 minimum deposit now as well. Wish the minimum was £1 I could grind that with some small SNG's.

Speaking of SNG's. I am able to play two double or nothings, so I will see if I can grind to $1/$2 by tonight doing these(Edit: Just one won now so a tiny bit extra)

Slogging low grind. Blink

G'day mate

I have not been around much lately.
Have not been leaving anywhere near as many forum posts.
Just wanted to drop in and say hello.
Also wanted to wish you the best of luck
be cool

Ronin Cool

Same. Been on a drinking sesh for the last three days and I am paying for it now.

Just spent the last 2 hours playing in the Party Poker $5000 cash booster and I made it to the last 300 people was in the top 30 with 120k chips and was guaranteed $3. As usual I get AK over value it and end up getting put against someone with A10 and QQ after the flop and me being an idiot always think I am good. I had a feeling I was going to go further but as usual I have to bugger it all up.

Finished 267th/7628 in the end and have a tiny bankroll to play with. Really upset with how I played that AK and being hungover and set on auto pilot did not help after doing as well as I did. Maybe this is why I will never make a FT with biggish money.

Such an idiot. Sad

God I love Party Poker and it's missions. With that $3 I won I managed to complete a SNG mission and used the $5 ticket I won and managed to win using a double or nothing SNG and now I have a more safe $13.36 to play with. Luckily there was a aggressive calling station player who kept sucking out on people to help move it along but I managed to take 3k chips off him when he's lame bluffs would not trick me.

Going to stick to micro cash tables and double or nothing SNG's (as I seem to do really well on them double or nothing SNG) and I need to stay away from speed tables for the time being. 100th times the charm with the bankroll.

Hopefully I can some how manage to finish the last SNG mission and take that $10 ticket and do what I just did with the $5 for a little boost.

Edited by Phisix (01 June 2014 @ 22:26 GMT)

nice one

I completed the multitasker mission easily enough, got a $10 ticket and won $35 in the resulting game

gotta love free money Big Smile

I managed to do a few SNG's last night and took the easiest mission down(Knock out two players on the same table) I need to play two more SNG's today for the next one then it's the hardest one left winning two SNG's in a row.

You must have had to play one with top 2 winners, but I prefer the double or nothing SNG's for my free tickets so I have a 50% chance to win something as the three remaining win. Not as much as your win but $18/$19 for me right now would be a big BR boost for me.

Will see how today goes. What missions do you actually have list from your lists?

Just need to win two SNG's in a row now then I have completed all of the SNG missions.

Also, I am running deep in tonight's 888 SNAP freeroll. 206/255 at the moment. 10 BB left so may push with a big hand in a min instead of waiting around for my blinds to swindle. Hoping to beat the next 51 so I can get $4 to play with but we shall see if my luck is still golden.

Two small cash outs in two days of freerolls gives me some much needed confidence for MTT's.

Had 3 BB left so thought pushing with A8o against one person was the best thing I could do(Obviously is a bigger stack) against his 55. Of course I don't hit my over cards but he hit a five to rub it in(Hate when that happens lol). Maybe next time I can get even deeper.

Made $3.50 though so maybe a chance to make something at 888 again.

Edited by Phisix (02 June 2014 @ 20:05 GMT)

Phisx a little tip, coin flip games count as sng's and you can play them at 10c buy-ins.

I used them to complete the sng mission of winning two in a row pretty easily

I was thinking about that yesterday but thought that would be too easy. Thank's for the tip I will do it later. The only problem is coin flips hate me. Big Smile

Just had a small go on SNAP cash and turned that small $3.50 into $.4.04(Not much but like Tesco's every little helps). Starting to think I could get more volume and winnings from double or nothing SNG's then just straight off cash grinding. Then again I could do a mix of the two as NL cash you can double or triple up quite easy sometimes but it is just the sitting around patiently and sometimes not even making much in a few hours.

For bankroll management with SNG's, is it the same 20 BI minimum standard as cash stakes or is more or less? Have just over 20 BI's for 50 cent DoN SNG's.

yeah I think its 20 buyins recommended

btw, there are loads of things you can do on missions to maximise potential gains.

It works because missions only update hands at the end of a hand.
And you can pause missions mid-hand.

For instance, I was doing the fast cash one (play 250 hands on fast forward). so I had this one running.
But I have the pocket pairs one (where you need to win at showdown with each pocket pair starting with aces, in order to 2's) open on screen ready to start mission and pause the other one.
Then when you get dealt aces, click the button, win with aces and get them marked off on that mission, then switch back to the 250 hands one.

I think every mission had a way of clearing several at the same time Big Smile

Edited by IceQueenAce (02 June 2014 @ 21:08 GMT)

Very cheeky indeed. I only have one single mission for the last $2.5 cash mission one which is play a hand a day for three days, and tomorrow is the third day. The last SnG one I am going to try and finish now with your tip while I play some 888 SNAP cash tables with my second bankroll.

After that all I have left is the Roskilde one(Which I have no clue about right now) the four MTT one's( Which I should not bother with till I have a decent BR, right?) and then obviously they two hard $25 one's with the all pocket pairs and final hand's(These two will take a while, specially needing quads and a straight draw)

How far have you gotten with the pocket pair and final hand missions?

Edit: Haha, completed that two SnG's in a row in 5 seconds. Just bought into two 50 cent ones and won 10 cent and won 2/3.(bankroll still evens) Now to try a DoN with that ticket. Wish me luck as I need this boost.


Now that was a scary game. Was getting nothing but somehow managed to survive thanks to the kindness of something I told I loved him after he took most of someones chips and folded two hands to me when I had 500 chips left to help me(he had 8k) then the two lower stacks got into an all in so I was guaranteed the cash win($18.50)

Just what the poker doctor ordered and now my Bankroll is basically back where it was when I went busto last week: $31.76(£18.81)

Over on 888 I lost a BI(One left) Had two people call my 4 bet of KK OOP and of course one had JJ and hit his two outa(He was a SS) then had 50 left and check-pushed with a nut flush draw on the flop but lost to one pair. At least over on PP I am doing well. Smile

Edited by Phisix (02 June 2014 @ 22:04 GMT)

The mtt ones are easy to complete too, I did them because I was playing them anyway during pokerfest. None are difficult in the slightest but I probably wouldn't do them if u aren't playing mtt's.

I do the missions if they fit in with my game of choice, I would not personally play different games to my usual game just to complete them.

The pocket pairs one I am down to 99. I have had 99 4 times so far but never managed to win on showdown (one loss, one fold before showdown, one bet to kill the hand on a scary board and once in bb and everyone folded).
Havent started the final hand one yet

That is the problem I find with the pocket pair and final hand missions: Having to have them and win at showdown. 22-44 are going to be hard enough for me. Final hands I had to keep checking with two pair or someone would have folded before showdown. Straight and flush will be easy to get in the final hands but quads and straight flush are going to be luck based.

I enjoy MTT's sometimes. If PP still runs some small buy in tournys(Turbo) I would be up for some of those, especially to clear my missions.

Anyway my plan for today is a mixture of 50 cent and $1 DoN's and then tonight I will maybe do some 2NL cash tables.

Not done so well today. Won about 2/7 DoN's. Variance has been a major hate against me too but nothing really to cry about since I lost not much at all. Ending winning it back via two fast forward tables so I am still even's.

Think a mix of a DoN and a cash table may be what I do later but my 888 bankroll needs some love too.

I have been on such a bad down turn today on party poker. I have lost 80% of my DoN's and on a cash table I could not hit a hand and when I did someone had better or set mined me. Luckily twice today fastfoward has been good and let me take a apart some fish to bring me back to break even. Hoping tomorrow for a better day.

Meanwhile over on 888 I took that $4 and tuned it to just over $9 so that makes me feel a bit safer when grinding SNAP tables.

All in all a good day although PP hates me.


PP: $31.50
888: $9.14

I have quit PP now as playing on the swing I am on now would be bad. Following BRM is working so I need to stick at it. Till tomorrow y'all.

Edited by Phisix (04 June 2014 @ 00:10 GMT)

Had a great day today, but not with poker. Started today playing on 888 and I was up to $11.50 at one point until I had AA and someone had A9 and flopped a 9 and a flush draw. 9 ended up being the highest card until the river you can gather what happened as standard. Maybe I should have check-pushed on the turn but never mind. Still ended up making 80 cents profit so still a winner.

I then turned off and had an hour rest and losing that $2 to a river flush always makes me angry. Later on saw a casino slot game on party poker. Ending up playing 30p a press and ended up from £16 to £64.70. So now I have a whopping $108 to play with so I can move up a stake on cash tables a way from the horrid 2NL.

Still have my last session of the night later so hopefully I can make a little profit on both bankrolls.

Such a joke hand. Both were absolute fishes and only bet out when they have the hand so thought I was good with my kings.

scotty slo ($5.52)
dicn68 ($11.26)
Phisixuk ($4.79)
soulion ($4.00)
Alv555 ($3.33)
wisejack ($4.49)
dicn68 posts small blind $0.02, Alv555 posts big blind $0.04.
Phisixuk raises $0.16, scotty slo folds, soulion folds, wisejack calls $0.16, dicn68 raises $0.26, Alv555 calls $0.24, Phisixuk raises $0.40, wisejack folds, dicn68 calls $0.28, Alv555 calls $0.28.
FLOP; [4H, 9H, AD]
dicn68 checks, Alv555 checks, Phisixuk bets $1.32, dicn68 folds, Alv555 calls $1.32.
TURN; [4H, 9H, AD, 6D]
Alv555 checks, Phisixuk bets $2.13, Alv555 calls $1.45 and is all-in.
RIVER; [4H, 9H, AD, 6D, AH]
Alv555 shows [QH, JH]
Phisixuk shows [KC, KS]
Alv555 wins $7.02 from the main pot with flush.

Always when I have a PP and should be winning. Just find it funny when I have odds on straight and flush draw together and over cards I never hit but s**t like this always happens.

Dust myself off and carry on I guess. Just annoyed when I could have nearly doubled up.

Well that is enough poker for me today. Both poker and casino I have had a really great day. The casino was a one off too which paid off. Managed to win my money back plus trippled up on that table as I reeled my fishing line in quite a lot. My bankroll is going steady as well as I play SNAP cash only.


PP: $115.27(£68.82)
888: $15.78

Great work this week and both those bankrolls started from $3.50 freeroll winnings from each site. Things are looking good for ages as I stick to BRM.

Edited by Phisix (04 June 2014 @ 22:18 GMT)

Not played much or updated here lately. Withdrew £52 last week as needed the money but still had £15 to play with. The doomswitch came on and I was down to my last £6 but tonight I just won back up to just over £20($35) so I am back in the game now.

888 BR is gone though due to drunk HU with my friend but that was for fun really.

Been on the worst end of variance for a long time today on fast forward. Never seen so many chase and hits in my life and even lost KK to a fish OOP calling with 52o and hitting a 5 on the flop and river. Among so many set ups and suckouts. No problem though as I have been on a good-ish run lately.

Luckily I actually know how to log off now before I went on super tilt. Hope everyone else is doing well with their bankrolls.

Edited by Phisix (13 June 2014 @ 21:00 GMT)

hehe good move.

I shut poker down after losing $15 in two days, sitting with $2 at a time.

My dad died beginning of week, I have carried on working but poker on top has proved too much.

Thank the lord for the world cup Worship

G'day mates

I just dropped in to say "hello"
I also want to wish you well.
Hope things have been going good for you
wishing you all the best as always.
be cool

Ronin Cool

Posted by IceQueenAce:
hehe good move.

I shut poker down after losing $15 in two days, sitting with $2 at a time.

My dad died beginning of week, I have carried on working but poker on top has proved too much.

Thank the lord for the world cup Worship

The world cup has been crap so far(Standard England) You back to winnings ways yet? Sorry about your dad I lost my mum the other year so know how shite life can be. Chin up mate.


Not played much lately. Been out far to much and been seeing some new girl whos doing my head in(Women! No offence Ice Blink) You still playing much mate?

Can anyone who plays Party Poker fast forward explain to me when they hell I keep losing with my premium cards(When I have TPTK) and premium pocket pairs to idiots calling absolute crap and always hitting flushes or two pair with like 68o all of the time. Lost about $5 in 30 mins from crap like this already. It just feels like whatever I do lately I lose loads but make so little and that if I actually hit any flops. Variance cannot be this sick can it? Hey lets call with bottom pair when I raised big enough PF and on the flop but they still call and hit. Losing with QQ a lot is giving me a worry now too.

On the positive side I finally hit quads on my final hands mission so I just need to get a straight flush now and I get a nice $25. Sadly it's rare I see or ever get them.

Edited by Phisix (20 June 2014 @ 23:37 GMT)

Manchester United and England in general they manage to mess up when im betting with
them. You go for the "strong" teams as they supposed to be,with a good bet and you get nothing Smile

@IceQueenAce sorry about your loss.

Not played poker or even thought about it for a month and got another nice $10 free bonus from 888. Played well last night and was up $9 in 40 minutes but today has been one cluster fucker after another so it is nice to see it hasent changed it's set up and lucky card ways as I down $8 in 30 minutes and its from the same two things every time. No matter, it can always change.

So where's it all going wrong mate ?
Do you know and can you change it ? i hope you do and you get back to winning ways,keep going Phisix it'll change soon. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

gl at the tables.

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