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Wow, not updated in here for quite a while. Been playing mostly freerolls and had a tiny bankroll which I cashed out a while ago as I needed it.

Won a $1 ticket for SNG's and stuff the other day from 888 via that daily spin thing and used it for a 40 man MTT today. Things wen't well the entire game and within two hours I had reached my first final table in months. Started the table in 1st place and managed to win the whole damn things 20-30 minutes later for a nice $10.80 profit.

We shall see how I do with this bankroll but I am sure this thread will see a few moans or celebrations along the way.

Another good day for free but this time on Ladbrokes.

I started playing some SNAP on 888 and lost down to $6 after being $13 up. Not my day there at all, but I logged into Ladbrokes to play the social Sunday and I had a free 10 euro ticket in my account which I used on a DoN and made £14 from. I then just finished a 3 and a half hours on the Sunday Social freeroll and won another £5.70 finishing in the last 30 people. Not very about that win though as I tried to steal with 44 against one person with my whole 130k stack as the blinds were getting big and he called his whole stack with K10s and hit his 10. Every time I push with small pockets I always lose. I could have folded of course but I wanted to keep pushing my stack even higher.

I had a feeling of a final table and bigger money for once but as usual its out of my reach. Still a good day and some nice abnkrolls to play with. Hopefully it continues.

Edited by Phisix (28 December 2014 @ 21:30 GMT)

2015 has not been a great time for me with cash tables so far. I am seeing too many bad beats when I am getting my money in and always lose. I have lost about four small bankrolls so far and it is really driving me nut's. 888 seems to be much worse for this than Ladbrokes but it happens on all sites but 888 is taking the biscuit lately. Luckily I am not depositing this year so these losses are nothing bad but it's sicking to keep witnessing this. I keep thinking it is down to fast tables but that is just rubbish as variance would soon have me winning this but no.

I truly feel right now that I have worst luck then most people or maybe variance is just major bad for me this last year gone.

On the freeroll side I(Where I have said bankrolls) things have been going well and I have reach the money stages in most of them(On 888 would you believe it) although I am still seeing a lot of the same crap but that's freerolls for you.

On a positive note I am actually up £10 up this year since I withdrew it from ladbrokes after winning that £14(Better than being in the minus). I was up to £24 at one point but the same crap on 888 fast tables happens on the Ladbrokes. I am trying to do freerolls only this year as I am sick of depositing and losing more than I win.

Should I quit fast tables and see if normal tables change this or am I forever doomed to lose bankrolls?

It's tough to sustain such a small bankroll on the fast tables. I'm not sure whether the swings are worse or not, but either way they happen quicker - as everything does on those types of tables.

Give normal tables a shot for a month or two, and see if you notice any change in your luck.

I think I will and DoN's as well as I have a high win rate on those. It just makes me confused as last year I won quite a lot on fast tables(Before stake jumping and losing loads) but since then over the months I just cannot sustain building up a bankroll with them.

Look at this for a suckout. My mate was on tilt at mine on his 888 account as 888 stitched him up with loads of suckouts and put his last $12 on a DoN on tilt. We nearly lost and came back then got this hand and thought we were all good.

#Game No : 656212444
***** 888poker Hand History for Game 656212444 *****
$50/$100 Blinds No Limit Holdem - ***
Tournament #65148798 $11.35 + $0.65 - Table #1 (Real Money)
Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 7
Seat 2: CALLIN777 ( $990 )
Seat 3: monsta2009 ( $370 )
Seat 5: Torvi790g ( $255 )
Seat 6: cvetelin888 ( $155 )
Seat 7: DocGreek ( $480 )
Seat 8: Assasin100 ( $490 )
Seat 10: ineedbadbeat ( $1,260 )
DocGreek posts ante [$15]
Torvi790g posts ante [$15]
CALLIN777 posts ante [$15]
ineedbadbeat posts ante [$15]
monsta2009 posts ante [$15]
cvetelin888 posts ante [$15]
Assasin100 posts ante [$15]
cvetelin888 posts small blind [$50]
DocGreek posts big blind [$100]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Assasin100 [ Jd, Jh ]
Assasin100 calls [$100]
ineedbadbeat folds
CALLIN777 folds
monsta2009 folds
Torvi790g folds
cvetelin888 folds
DocGreek checks
** Dealing flop ** [ 8h, Tc, 3h ]
DocGreek bets [$100]
Assasin100 raises [$375]
DocGreek calls [$265]
** Dealing turn ** [ Qd ]
** Dealing river ** [ 4h ]
** Summary **
DocGreek shows [ 4c, Ts ]
Assasin100 shows [ Jd, Jh ]
DocGreek collected [ $1,085 ]

Sick, but someone we won another two hands and someone got knocked out and he won $22. Miracles do happen to us after b******t. Had 20 left but somehow manage to finish on 500. Sick river though as usual on 888 but karma prevailed.

G'day mate

I have not dropped in lately and so I thought I would do so now.
Hope things are going well for you in the new year.
You are going to make 2015 the best year of you life.
I have faith in you mate.
Wishing you all the best.
be cool

Ronin Cool

It's a classic suckout but I see no reason to be grumpy about it. Villain was on BB, he just wanted see the flop - got his pair, started betting and won by getting one of his seven outs at the end. People making all kinds of assumptions about the dukes and why they are hating play them out properly but this hand was just bad luck. And you mentioned that Karma came forward later so all is well if it's ends well.

Oh he is always grumpy when he loses at poker. We were playing for fun game of live poker with a few friends around mine the other night and he got grumpy at a few on's on suckouts haha.

I decided to deposit on Party Poker as I had that £10 spare and wanted to grind and play once in a blue MTT's and try and complete some of the missions. I am up about £3.50 after 2500 odd hands today even with some really annoying beats and crap.

Been seeing my fair of crap today but I have won it back in the end as I stayed calm. QQ losing to a lot of river straights today amongst hitting lots of two pairs on the flop and always losing to a higher one once they hit on the turn or river, but this is poker so I take it on the chin but it would be nice to actually have variance on my side for a while for once.

Anyway, hoping to double up to £20 withdraw the £10 I put in then grind the rest as an extra so I stay up for the year. Goals are to just keep a bankroll for longer than usual and stay in the profit this year for once.

This post by pajalnick has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
Not played much poker lately but I have been doing well off part pokers daily scratchcards. Turned some free poker money until some bankroll and got paid off on Monopoly slots as it was blowing before they pulled the game down and I also just made £20 off a roulette bonus which I just withdrawn now as well. Still have the £5.30 bonus left so it could still go on when I use it again later.

Up about £60 this year from gambling which is a nice change.

I congratulate the results and wish you continued success in poker. I will be as far as possible to watch your achievements. I think I'll continue to describe their achievements in poker.

Been playing an 888 bonus and been doing well lately, then came across this hand. Usual river b******t, but was I wrong to call this? Thought I was good and did not expect him to have KK, but I guess that river push showed that and I made a very stupid call. Good old hitting your one out.

#Game No : 686559857
***** 888poker Snap Poker Hand History for Game 686559857 *****
$0.02/$0.05 Blinds No Limit Holdem - ***
Table Ahmadabad 6 Max (Real Money)
Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: TheHitManHaz ( $3 )
Seat 2: PlayMoney999 ( $4.84 )
Seat 4: BorisovaAnna ( $4.64 )
Seat 6: evaaa2011 ( $5 )
Seat 7: Phisix ( $9.68 )
Seat 9: ibetanyway44 ( $7.41 )
PlayMoney999 posts small blind [$0.02]
BorisovaAnna posts big blind [$0.05]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Phisix [ Ad, Kd ]
evaaa2011 folds
Phisix raises [$0.15]
ibetanyway44 raises [$0.60]
TheHitManHaz folds
PlayMoney999 folds
BorisovaAnna folds
Phisix calls [$0.45]
** Dealing flop ** [ 9s, 3c, Ah ]
Phisix checks
ibetanyway44 bets [$0.45]
Phisix calls [$0.45]
** Dealing turn ** [ 3d ]
Phisix checks
ibetanyway44 checks
** Dealing river ** [ Ks ]
Phisix bets [$0.50]
ibetanyway44 raises [$6.36]
Phisix calls [$5.86]
** Summary **
Phisix shows [ Ad, Kd ]
ibetanyway44 shows [ Kc, Kh ]
ibetanyway44 collected [ $14.02 ]

Always happens to me when I slow play and now back down to $2. 888 is crap as well as it takes so much rake just to hit one status point.

I agree with you about the way 888 give out the status points,I managed to get up to copper status while I was playing on there every day but after a few weeks on a different site it was just impossible to build up enough points to stay there. Smile

Been a while since I have updated in here and that is because I have not been playing poker much since last time apart from the odd Freeroll when I feel like doing one. I am still up £60 this year which is good for me as the last few years I have been on the big losing end, but the last week or so I have been getting my poker love back but as with my rule of this year I am only using money from freerolls.

Not been doing well at all in any and this is getting to me since this happens the most on 888 for some reason. It could be a number of reasons such as more idiot players, variance or 888 just hates me but I seem to be on a bad downswing in variance when I always get my money in. I am riding it out but it just gets me down and gets me angry as it seems to be an occurring theme via 888 lately(Apart from SNG's for some reason which I have shipped a few 6 man ones the last few days)

Had a $2.60 bankroll but lost it through SNAP last night and to two players getting a set against me in a space of five minutes, which this second one taking biscuit.

#Game No : 372278298
***** 888poker Hand History for Game 372278298 *****
$0.01/$0.02 Blinds No Limit Holdem - ***
Table Cascavel 6 Max (Real Money)
Seat 9 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 2: Phisix ( $0.99 )
Seat 4: JerryArm ( $0.97 )
Seat 6: Engineer88 ( $0.93 )
Seat 7: savoe11 ( $0.78 )
Seat 9: belanov0009 ( $0.89 )
Phisix posts small blind [$0.01]
JerryArm posts big blind [$0.02]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Phisix [ Ad, Th ]
Engineer88 folds
savoe11 folds
belanov0009 calls [$0.02]
Phisix raises [$0.07]
JerryArm folds
belanov0009 calls [$0.06]
** Dealing flop ** [ Qs, Ah, 9h ]
Phisix bets [$0.15]
belanov0009 calls [$0.15]
** Dealing turn ** [ 6c ]
Phisix bets [$0.76]
belanov0009 calls [$0.66]
** Dealing river ** [ Jh ]
** Summary **
Phisix shows [ Ad, Th ]
belanov0009 shows [ Js, Jc ]
belanov0009 collected [ $1.69 ]

Anyway, the good thing is, that this is only to do with free money and is small amounts so there is nothing to be really angry about but it would be nice to actually go through a period of not losing to people lucking out with bad calls and stuff for once.

Good to get that off my chest, hopefully everyone else is doing well and if so say so in here so this thread can have some good news for once. Big Smile

This is the b******t I have to deal with every day. Playing well after registering late and this as soon as this guy joined this table he has been going all in every few hands with any ace rag or rubbish card and then I get this hand as usual and you know how it is going to end. I really thought I was going to get far in this and this b******t happens. If it was something like 89 or something it would have been more tolerable. Everyone else on the table were playing properly too.

It's really getting a point now where I am wondering how I keep losing in all ins with massive pocket pairs or the constant beats and from nothing suckouts when I am ahead and unless its just variance from different idiot players or I just run worse then most players(Which I am thinking now)

Have these type of players cracked online poker and know bad hands and bad play will result in winning or something? :/

Edited by Phisix (20 May 2015 @ 20:51 GMT)

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