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stars is messing with my head   +1   
ok start at the begenning lol ...
lodged $20 into stars in April .. had taken a break from poker for a few months before that ...
yesterday was down to my last $6 ish ... and feeling a bit pissed off with the bad run i was having ...

Decided to look at my spread sheet to try and boost myself as i knew i had won and made withdrawls throught the months since i lodged in April

Turns out i had withdrawn over $380 in winnings .. ( i didnt realise it was that much lol) ... used it to treat Daughter and wife and paid a bill ...

so that made me feel a fair bit better .. but still the problem of such a small BR ... decided to transfer $14 from Full Tilt ... had $16.82 there which i put there with my winnings on stars

Then entered a 8 game mtt and played my A game really focused and not squandring chips and not backing off from the hard decisions ... and ended up coming second ... and got $22.44 and a further boost to my BR

got up this morning played a 50c 360 man sng and lost and a $1.50 18 man sng and lost lol lol ....

Saw that a sattelite to the nl 2-7 single draw WSOOP last chance sat was just starting so decided id give this a shot ... not gone on this sat as tried a couple before and no joy and total crazy

and this one was no different total lunatics playing and lost my chips and did a rebuy which i decided would be my one and only rebuy ... and then things started to go right and before i knew it i was chip leader with 42K stack after add on i had 56k and still leading ...( total cost $3.10 as took add on)

prizes were 2 entrys to the last chance sat valued at $82 and third got $14 ...
held the chip lead till final table and then got over taken and at one point was 6 of 7 ... that was frustrating
But kept focused and eventually with 4 to go was in second spot ... we lost another and guaranteed at least $14 ... got 2,7,7,8,9 and min raised and then the short stack pushed all in for 40K and chip leader folds so had to call with this hand and also as i had another 145k in chips .... well i drop a 7 and get a 3 so looking good he drops one as well and turns over 3,5,6,8,10 ... game over i bust him out and win a seat yeeeeeeeeee ... un reg from game and take the $82 T dollars and now have a BR of $111.59
feel like im on a poker rollercoaster with all the ups and downs ... But happy again now that i know i took out a lot of my winnings and i now have a decent BR again ...

Thank you stars for messing with my head ... hopefully now i can go on to build this up and not get so low again ... some how i think ill still be on the rollercoaster of going up and down ... but ill worry about that another time

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Agree Evil

When i first read the threads title i thought im gonna read another loss story,
which wasnt the case after all.
You had a nice run and i hope it is gonna stay that way. Good Luck.

Keep up the good work. Running good feels great doesn't it?

Agree with Moved lol. Also thought it was another bad beat tale but after reading I saw that actually you got the title wrong mate. You are the one messing with poker stars head not the other way around lol.
Nice move changing the game type during ur session. Thumbs Up
Seemed to have had a good effect on ur luck and therefore bankroll.

Ya Roddy,....ya had me too at first.... THEN ya had me doin' a 180...

Nice going. I know it feels great when the downswing ends....

HEY,.....aren't you that guy who played the Irish guy who sang about Eileen after hijacking the USS Enterprise on that one episode of Star Trek from the '60s.....? Big Smile

I also thought by the title that is another story about going broke.

I guess it's nice to see happy endings nowadays Smile And frankly stars did not messed with your head, poker is a game full of ups and downs.

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