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Hero calls with crap and hits amazing flops as usual for fish/callers. Getting fed up with crap like this as if I did it I would lose my money every hand.

abadlottt sitting in seat 1 with €10.63
VAZGEN2013 sitting in seat 2 with €10.58[Dealer]
Epidendrum sitting in seat 3 with €18.16[Sitting out]
Meissel002 sitting in seat 4 with €19.72
Phisix sitting in seat 5 with €6.28
fthfth16 sitting in seat 6 with €3.44
Meissel002 posted the small blind - €0.05
Phisix posted the big blind - €0.10

** Dealing cards to Phisix: Jh, Jd
fthfth16 called - €0.10
abadlottt called - €0.10
VAZGEN2013 folded
Meissel002 folded
Phisix bet - €0.70
fthfth16 called - €0.70
abadlottt folded

** Dealing the flop: 8h, 6c, 9s
Phisix bet - €1.80
fthfth16 went all-in - €2.64
Phisix called - €0.84
Phisix shows: Jh, Jd
fthfth16 shows: 7c, 10c

** Dealing the turn: 8c

** Dealing the river: 3h
fthfth16 wins €6.68 from the main pot

He/she had suited hands Smile And he made that call with 7T which allowed him to chase a straight too.
It wouldnt be a surprise with his cards and his play to even call an all in preflop.
You got unlucky there.

he is play bad- your play good, but no lucky

I get unlucky there all the time. BR keeps draining down because people call with crap and get rewarded. Maybe I should do stuff like that so I can actually start winning and making money for a change instead of losing. Down from £71 to £21 because of this. Then again its JJ and its like a cursed hand for anyone.

Nope doesnt work just tried it and failed. Oh well.

Maybe its time to take a break, before you waste all of your bankroll.
Either stop playing completely or transfer money to another site and try your luck there.
Losing streak some times stop when you change sites. Good luck.

usual rigged hand for fish protection...
but you learn something...
never bet OVER PAIR vs Short Stack Fish...
if fish bet you fold always and save some money... Big Smile

I constantly am getting my BR to around 115-130$ and seem to not be able to win another hand till my money is pretty much disappeared and then all of a sudden I go on another great run.

I don't know if I'm made out for this S**t as it is giving me heart problems (just kidding, maybe not).

Anyways I love the game to much to give it up so I will keep grinding away until I find that magic run.

It could be that we're all playing relatively low stakes and that we will run into really awful players who play stupidly and get paid off. That's just the way it will go until we Start playing for some real money and people are aware of what they are spending.

Good luck Phisix and everyone else.

He simply got lucky hitting such a strong hand on the flop, thats all.

What i really like about your hand is the 7x preflo raise, many "strategist" say that 4x should be max preflop raise but little do they know that on these micro stakes you can always find people to call these type of raises.

I only raise high with JJ because I always get in to trouble with it. Going to have a break for a few days then try again and change up a few things I do.

Good luck to everyone else in the mean time.

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