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Forget About The 'Poker Face'

According an article in The Examiner, one shouldn't look at a player's face for clues whether they have a good/bad hand. That's right! New research suggests an experienced poker player's face won't reveal any signs of a good or a band hand, however, there are still other clues in the body language. Researches have found that arm movements of experienced poker players were more predictable of good[...]   Read more » Forget About The 'Poker Face'

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This isn't very revolutionary - i think anyone who has watched a decent amount of poker has noticed that some players will shove a stack or gently push it in.

The neck vein is another good indicator unless they have a hoodie on - pulsing can mean excietment therefore a big hand.

Tells are like heroin - to be used in moderation, at the right time.

I'm so bad att tells. Almost like I'm retarded or something. Don't even try to understand them, and I think it is because I've been living with a woman for so long.

She says: Long ago someone went out with the trash.

Me: Yeah, that's interesting.

But what she ment is, from what I recently been told, that _I_ was supposed to take it out! So, why didn't ske say so?

Same thing with tells. How the f*ck can you understand?

When someone shoves the keybord through the computerscreen, I get it: a bad beat.

But from that and on? Naaah... I leave it to the pros.

i training every day front mirror

If only researchers could read people, leave alone pros, i think they would rule the poker world. But! Blink

There were some poker tourneys on TV a few years ago where they had the players wired up so the audience could see their heartrate readings on the screen! Anybody remember those...?

You could see the wild fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure depending on how the hands unfolded,....whether it be somebody had the knutz and a big pot,....or if they were in trouble and about to lose big time!

It was very interesting to watch... Thumbs Up

hahah watched that ep last nite and danchev looked like he had some kind of manic palsy he was shaking that much ;0

Frankly this is not something new, i mean face muscles are under a pretty good self control, but other muscles in the body tend to make unwanted moves in stressful situations.

I think hands were always better indicators than the face!

demodawggy: Yeah, I remember those shows! I must have seen them on the Internet, since we don't have much poker on TV here (a site where you can see pretty much all poker, guess I can't mention the name here)

That was actually kind of interesting, to compare what the monitors could pick up, and what you self could see. (Nothing.)

This thing works,not always but works Big Smile yesterday it saved me from loosing some money Big Smile

Its truth, we can see it in live events.

online tell only timeing tell,fortunately

I remembered the match of Phil Hellmuth vs David Sands in 2013 National Heads Up Championship.

When Sands bets, he was doing a very strange and annoying robot-like arm movements.

Now I know why he was doing that.

nice research article , i think the all pschology guyz should play poker and they will read any movement and they will win lot money

I could never play live poker successfully because i always give it away. Its bad enough playing online because i jump up and down when i hit and my heart pumps out of my chest when i'm bluffing

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