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well i have reached my 1st final table of the new leaderboard and atm i am in 3/4 out of 1.521
not bad eh. Smile
2 brazilians with twice my stack so some help is needed after the break.wish me luck Big Smile

I see you were engaged into some friendly conversation at the same time lol.
Anyway, i hope u nailed it. Been a while since a reg here takes a win in one of those freerolls might as well be now with this one.
Best of luck and update us later Thumbs Up

Woooooooooooooooooooo-Hoooooooooooooooooooooo...! Nice! Smile Thumbs Up

Crack them Brazil Nuts wide open and eat them alive....! Big Smile

Good going teddy! A win will put you in a money position on the leaderboard... Good luck with that!!!

Posted by lukasb:
I see you were engaged into some friendly conversation at the same time lol.

lmfao Thumbs Up
well done teddy, you're the master of final tables Worship so how it ended?

Demo, said it right, crack their nuts Big Smile

Awesome result Teddy for a freeroll, i would say especailly for a freeroll Smile

Keep us posted on how it all end!

Congrats on the 4th place! That is a solid result, with pretty good leaderboard points!

ty marqis,aye i finished in 4th place but not too unhappy considering the amount of entrants
(1521 ),although i might have been better placed with a bit more luck, Smile
had k-7 suited in the bb ,i've got 420,000,small stack 190.000 in the sb he raises x2 i think he's trying to steal as the other 2 have folded so i put him all in and he calls !!!
s**t, anyway he turns over 9 10 off and sure as hell hits a 9 on the flop,what do you know eh Big Smile
so next hand i get k-10 o and just shove big stack calls with his a -q and hits a q so that's me out.
oh well try again tonight.
gl everyone

i wish to be in a final table with a fellow mobster in these brm freerolls, or I may have already been with one, I just didn't recognize them. Anyway I've just been to a brm freeroll final table 4 or 5 times.

Congratulations on your final table. Its not easy reaching there, with all these participants.
Good luck in your next games.

@lukasb well done spotting that, also a nice comment lol Thumbs Up

Congrats buddy, you get an awesome feeling each and everytime you final table these freerolls I did some weeks ago at Full Tilt too. Whatever the result you feel proud because we are very proud of our forum and the BRM overall.

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