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But they just copy/pasted their Terms and Conditions. They don't explain anything about when and how you did a collussion?

Soon you will get an email from the Antigua and Barbuda Commission and I hope it will be better!

But how can they explain it Peter7878 when there was not a collusion.
I don't have and know anyone to collude with. That's a joke from Winner Poker.
Huh thank you peter7878.

I've contacted the Comission regarding this... If they investigate Winner Poker ill be happy again..

I have send Winner another Email, and they replied like this now:

Dear Giljshen Latifi,
Thank you for contacting the Winner Poker Customer Support Team.

We are writing in relation to your account query.

Please be informed that after a thorough investigation, it has been found out by the relevant department regarding your involvement in collusion.

In addition, lease be informed that a rollback of the full amount of funds in your balance which is $1,021.97 has been processed.

Thank you for understanding.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Winner Poker Customer Support Team

So how I understand, i don't get my money back and my account will also remain closed.

To now i don't have an answer from Antigua Gaming Commission...

Edited by gili_lati (16 October 2013 @ 19:26 GMT)

gili_lati, this email is good! They said your account is blocked, but they are processing your money. Now, copy/paste these new emails from winner poker and send it here: [email protected]

It is very important to send the commission these new winner poker emails, send a copy of your id and a copy of your card also!

Every new winner poker email send it to the commission.

Edited by Peter7878 (16 October 2013 @ 20:00 GMT)

The commission didn't write me anymore.

Maybe they are investigating the case. I will ask them again if i need to provide this things you are telling me Peter7878.

Peter7878 your the best Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Don't worry about that. They need some time. They investigate now winner poker and when they have the final results, they will send you for sure the email report. Sometimes it takes more time.

What was the email of the commission which you recieved? Can you post it here, please?

Yes here is the first reply from the Commission, which i have received on 14.10.2013:

"The Commission is in receipt of your customer complaint.

The Commission is in receipt of the above copies. Who completed these reports? We are in the process of contacting Winner Poker to investigate your complaint. Once we have received a response from the operator we will provide you with our findings."

Well, this is ok. They sent it to you this week, so they now investigate winner poker. When they finish the investigation, they will send you the report with the results.

Yea Peter, doing a great job here. Very proud that we have these kind of members!

Good luck Gili_Lati, hope you get your money. I also play on Winner myself so very curious for the results of this obviously.

Today i have a got a reply from the Antigua Commission, that they don't need my ID or anything else.
Thank you Forcharity for your support.

Peter do you believe that such authorities have the possibility to influence things
on a poker or casino sites decisions?
I am not being sarcastic here, just plain curious about the whole thing.
Wonder also if you have any known case that have been resolved that way.
It would have been an interested read.

Mober, yes of course! That commission took a lot of money from winner poker and gave winner poker a license to operate worldwide. That is why that commission is resposinble for the actions of winner poker.

I see you are interested in statistic. Let's see the Isle of Man Commission which is responsible for PokerStars and FullTilt Poker. You can see at the photo how many cases are resolved by the commission.

gili_lati, that is great they answered you today. I am sure everything will be fine.

Forcharity, thank you very much for the kind words! Smile

Peter, it's simply awesome that you can help mobsters the way you do know, the only thing i can say is that you have another big Thumbs Up from me Smile

gili, hope that you'll be able to get your money back if playing there will be impossible Blink

It looks like that the system works then.
Its nice to know that you can depend on such authorities to resolve any unfair
issues you are having with an online gambling provider.
Lets see what the result with gili will be.

To now i don't have any news regarding my case.

Do you think Winner says that they will process the withdraw? I don't understand what this rollback does mean.

Sometimes, the investigations of these commisssions are up to 3 months because they have a lot of cases. Yes, from the email I see they said they are processing the cashout. And that is a good news.

But we have to wait the final result of the commission. When they finish the investigation, they will send you email with the results. Theses cases usuly finish for 3 months.

Peter how can you play poker via Bulgaria , my internet provider share internet in both countries your and mine , and when i want to play many poker clients i cannot connect/ logon to their clients.Can u tell me about your way to connect/logon what you use ?Proxy servers?

Hi sergejcho,

No, I don't use proxy servers. At the moment in Bulgaria is legal to play only at PokerStars and FullTilt Poker. But only these bulgarian players can play there who have accounts created before 1st of June 2013. Now new players from Bulgaria can not register.

Rational Enterprises Limited is the only one who applied for a licensee and may be after a couple of months the Bulgarian State Gambling Commission will give them the licensee.

My PokerStars and FullTilt Poker accounts are created 2009, so I can play only there. No, I don't play at other poker sites. They moved from Bulgaria and the other poker sites have blocked the bulgarian accounts.

I don't use proxy servers. I don't understand anything of that, plus it is illegal to use it.

Best Regards,

Whats the point using such services, when the sites know in which countries players can play
according to the law.
At the end they may refuse any request for cash outs you make due of that.
So you are actually risking it way to much.

I don't think they have processed the withdrawal, it takes max. 5 business days to get the money.

I didn't get any email so far. Should I write to Winner or the Commission to ask where the process has arrived?

Hello gili_lati,

It is better to write an email to the Commission. Aske them when they will have the final results of your case. Ask them also, when they finish the investigation, to send you the report with the results to your email.

Best Regards,


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