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Two hands played ... how do u play them  0   
Ok two hands played in a 25c multi table sng getting close to the bubble ... the 2nd was played only a few hands later after the first ...

just wondering how you would play the flop etc in these hands .. and positives and negatives on my play ...

2nd Cool

it s ok but be carefully when you havent for example the highest pair

personally i would've played both those hands exactly the same, i think you played them quite well Tongue

Posted by sebascastro:
it s ok but be carefully when you havent for example the highest pair

It s always tricky to raise when you do not have the biggest pair.

Your opponenet could have Ak or QK and slowplaying his 2 pair...

lucky for you he did not have it....

I would not have made a bet after the river or just a small one just to prevent a steal

2nd hand.

Standard play, raise preflop and cBet flop. Betsizes are ok aswell imho. Well played. Thumbs Up

1st hand

Preflop - raise ok.

Flop - Don't like the size of your flop cBet.
It's about 33%pot and it is a 3way pot: you risk marginal/drawing hands stay in the pot because they have to invest little to join a big pot. If they hit something turn or river you're in big troubles.
If I'd bet (and I would) I'ld bet an amount between 50% and 70% pot.

Turn - a blank card fall down.
Now you have evaluate who you are facing. Who is oppo? tag-reg-fish-loose-passive-unknown. Does he like to float?
Everything depends on what image you have of him and his image of you.

A second barrel should be ok. Also a check/raise could be a move here.
You bet and he call.
He is showing weakness... or is he slowplaying?.

You read for the weakness and shoved river. He folded.

Will hands stronger than your fold here? Will hands weaker than your call here?
This are the questions you should ask yourself.

Well played? Don't really know.

Hands results could influence my opinion here.

everything imho

like the bet size comment ... often wonder about how much i should be betting ... i feel my bet on flop of hand 2 was strong nice to get the comment that it should have being more ...
in general its not surprising to get a call on the flop ... getting a call on the turn rings alarm bells .. so why the bet on the river .... well in this case was just instinct ... other times in similar situations i would have checked ..
hadnt had much read on him as he wasnt long at table but he had re raised a raise when in the BB from me and called my re all in and had A,3 suited ...
if i had to put him on a hand id say J,10 A,10 ...

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