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"Blom's early success came at the NLHE tables, where he is finally enjoying some success, after a huge multi-million dollar downswing in recent weeks. Yesterday it was SanIker who was on the receiving end of Blom's NL upswing, as he lost over $215k to the young Swede in a little under three hours at the $500/$1000 CAP NLHE tables (including a 30 min break).

Isildur1 also had great success at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, winning two evening sessions, each for $107k, in ring games which lasted over four hours, where he played against samrostan, Gus Hansen, Phil "Polarizing" Ivey, Phil "OMGClayAiken", and Kagome Kagome.

Isildur1's other success was at the FLO8 tables, where he won close to $100k in ring games playing against many of the same players, and also $62k win from a 40 minute heads-up session with SallyWoo.

In total, Blom walked away a $582.3k winner yesterday, making his total profit since the last day of September over $1.51m."

Source: HDB

It seems he finally managed to get back what he lost in just couple of days a week or so ago Big Smile

We still need a thread for his BR up's and down's progress instead of all these thread. Getting sick of this guy always kicking ass now. Jel so much. Sad

Haha this guy.. He is like a roller coaster, and also, he is from Sweden, just like me Blink Poker changes lifes, thats for sure!! Smile

Does not change his life as he was rich to begin with lol.

Can i have 1% of his rakeback in the end of the week? Tongue

That's why he's so good, he can make it all back in a short space of time. Still crazy swingy but I guess he can handle it mostly.

Yeah he is a sicko player lol, but it is getting boring in the long run, every time he goes to a downswing people talks about it and then he make it back like 1 week later, well this is just the swings as he plays nosebleed stake lol.

Anyway he is a great player and he makes nosebleed stake looks so easy with him getting back to profit after loses week in weeks out!!

I wonder how long it takes for him to be that skilled, or was he a natural born grinder??

Anyone knows about that hehe

Cheers let me know if you know!!

His up and downs are amazing. He can buy and sell some houses in this time or nice cars Cool
But are a lot of pros are bankrupt. I ask me why Big Smile

He is not great on all games, i think his main ability is multitabling and HU No Limit Holdem.

Funny thing you mentioned nice cars DaCapo, did you know that he even does not have a driver license?

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