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Do you prefer playing LIVE poker or ONLINE poker?

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Online Poker VS Live Poker  +1   
Hello Mobsters,

How are you? How's life and online poker going on?

This summer I had the opportunity to play a lot of live poker cash games and live poker tournaments here:

So, it is really amazing to play live! It can't be compared with the online poker at all! For example it is very difficult to hold AA on live cash poker game. I had it once. No matter if you lose or if you win the hand, the dealer gives you $25 because you hold AA. I lost the hand with AA, but I recieved EUR 25 bonus from the casino.

I met players from around the whole globe. One guy from Asia, I think he was PRO, this guy is amazing. No words to describe it. Every night he won EUR 3000. He played daily 14 hours. And all these players from Israel, OMG they spend thousand of EUR every night. I saw the cash games OMAHA High/Low the pot was EUR 40 000. A friend of mine from UK finished 3rd and got EUR300 from a NLH tournament.

We had there also some Russian players, but they lost so much money. Every night one guy from Russia had lost EUR 300.

I have never been playing live poker, so I was very amazed. I met people from all Europe. The curiosity came becuse my work was very near to the Platinum Casino, so I enjoyed a lot.

I love that all the drinks alchoholic and non alchoholic are for free. The breakfast, lunch and dinner also are free of charge. They cook very well. And the waitresses give you all night long Marlboro Light also free of charge. Everything is free there! So cool! I didn't know that before.

The reason I decided to create this thread is that I realised a huge difference between online poker and live poker. For example: PokerStars almost every hand you will see A on the flop, or you will hold A and the other opponents will hold also A. This could not happen so often at the live games of poker.

Have you noticed that, playing PokerStars one of your cards is the same with at least two other players. I created these videos, so I hope you will get what I am trying to say.

Enjoy the videos! Have a nice watching!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I will be glad if you share your oppinions, if you find a difference between online and live poker.

Best Regards,

Edited by Peter7878 (06 October 2013 @ 23:34 GMT)

Hi Peter! I have played both, and although my preference is for live tournament play vs. live cash play, I chose in your poll online over live. I know that this is contradictory, but if it wasn't for online play I would be playing zero poker, so I do appreciate the ability to open up the laptop after a long day at work and play for a bit.

I prefer Onlive Cool

I never played live before, I used to play with friends but never in a casino, when i was playing i used to not know anything about poker and if I play now with the knowledge I have, I could beat them!

Also live is easier that online, the $1/$2 can be as easy as NL2 online from what I heard! Basically online its just you and the world whereas live you can socialize talking with friends etc..

Online have the advantage of multitabling and with rush/tables you can get more hands than 1 months of live poker.

Live are softer definitely, just slow! Balance online with live and you should be good to go and make a decent profit.

Hello Heskor,

Playing live poker in a casino is a very difficult thing. I met an old man, who played at my table, and he knew all my reactions. I was shocked. He told me: "I bet, this is your first time playing live poker!" He also told me that he played live in Las Vegas, Viena, Monte Carlo and many more. He said that the expression of the face is not so much important. More important was the gestures of the hands and the body language. This guy knew almost every hand what I hold.

Most of these players have stone faces, stone bodies. But I love when I play with Jews. They raise like crazy and bluff a lot. You could win plenty of money just playing 10 hours cash games against Jews.

For example, at the NLH cash tables EUR 1/EUR 2, the maximum amount in chips which is allowed at the table is EUR200, the minimum is EUR40. This casino is with a hotel. The Jews come to the hotel and play live poker every day minimum 10 hours.

If you enter with EUR100, after 10 hours you can have at least EUR 500. I saw players who entered with EUR 200 and after playing all night long they left the casino with more than EUR 3000. And that was almost every night. I am really amazed. I think some of them were bulgarian PRO.

So Heskor, I wanted to say that playing live you could win a lot for one night, but you have to control your face, hand gestures, body gestures. Not to express anything.

Wow it was a cool summer! I am waiting the next summer and I will definatelly join in the live tournaments and live cash games again.


Edited by Peter7878 (07 October 2013 @ 14:58 GMT)

Cheers thanks for the long reply, I can see that live poker really soft and you having a great time winning money from the Jews!!

You know the old adage, if you playing poker do not play against the old poker players they have tons of experience and they will be far better at body language than most of the younger ones and you will get slaughtered!!

Anyway glad you had a good experience with live poker with that old guy and I'll definitely consider playing live when i travel abroad since in my country gambling is since as a vice and i am not sure about the traffic in live games and also there are lots of things associated with gambling here, drugs, mugging, prostitutes etc

So not a good thing to be going into a casino, you could get robbed coming out by the security guys lol

Anyway cheers thanks for the update, that was very helpful!!

Sounds like an awesome summer. Plenty of fish anyway.

I prefer playing live in terms of reading people and judging hands, I find it much more intuitive. But I play online nearly all the time now - looking to go to a tournament at some point.

Live and online poker is really not the same game. Online you can Play multitabling and a lot of hands and live you have the body language...And live you have more fun by playing with your friends.

I have won a few live games with a group of friends and beers but I have yet to try any proper live games, but I did enjoy them more since every one players properly.

On the other hand online poker is my bread and butter so I will always play that more then live.

Hello , BankrollMob Members , I've never play Live Poker in my life and i want to try it Smile)))
I played about two years on pokerstars and Fulltilt Poker and i really love this game and i play it with pleasure , but sometimes i lose nerves very fast and i must correct that in my game to improve my poker.

Yes, really it was an awsome summer. That casino Platinum is my first and my favourite one. 5 meters from the beach, in the centre of Sunny Beach, fulled with players around the whole world, meals, drinks, cigarettes free of charge 24/7, every day tournaments, every friday freerolls.

The funniest thing was that we were one group of 18 friends (17 from UK and only me from Bulgaria) and we went every night at that casino and we ordered thousands of free drinks, and we had free dinner too, but only 3 of us I think were playing, the others were just watching and ordering drinks and meals. The staff didn't ask why most of us don't play. So we continued with the free drinks.

So that free drinking party at the casino contined 14 days! Smile After that they went home to UK. It was great! Smile

By the way I play there only NLH poker,never playing other games, machines, etc.

A wrong call or a well played hand by your opponent is gonna cost you more @ online poker, first is very much easier to call with the touch of a button then actually sliding your chips over the line.
Second, i dont know if everybody has it, but after a few boring hands I always end doing anything but watching my pokergame, Live you are fully focused on the game AND the players, Shock Big Smile

I was wondering where you got to. Sounds like you've had a good summer...! Smile Thumbs Up

I don't really have a preference,...but I seldom get to play live with the boys,....and I've NEVER played live poker in a casino. I'd like to try that sometime.

I'm a bit of a germophobe myself, the idea of handling cards that other people have after picking their noses, ears, and crotches kind of gives me the willies...... Confused

At these videos and photos you can see the summer atmosphere, the poker tables and the free meals and drinks at the free Platinum restaurant also! Big Smile

Enjoy it!

I LOVE live being both tourney and cash play. I live fairly close to a few casinos so it makes it easier. Once you play live it makes it harder to go back to online as the whole feel and rush is quite different. When you see your opponents face drop after flipping your cards,( or the look of wonder and frustration when you do not), is a hard thing to beat. Cannot do that online. Smile

Posted by dlkiv:
Once you play live it makes it harder to go back to online as the whole feel and rush is quite different.

dlkiv, I totally agree with you! It's so amazing and fun playing live & meeting new people. After you played live, the online poker seems so boring.

Edited by Peter7878 (08 October 2013 @ 14:47 GMT)

Mmmmmmm.... Looks like there's some hot babes over there in Bulgaria... Smile Heart

yeah have to agree with the mobsters that say its so much fun to play an meet new people - all of that surrounding armpit aroma and excessive amount of f... words just have something catchy.
to me personally live poker is more an entertainment, kind of going out. online poker is more geared towards milking cash...

I have never played live poker so far. I have watched live tournaments in a casino
a couple of times and it looked fascinating.
Couldnt stay long watching there though, cause the slot machines were calling me Smile

I dreamt I was playing live last night. Remember having AJ pre flop but for some reason it jumped to another dream. Big Smile

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