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been playing all the time in Party Poker. I always Play from PLO2, PLO4 and PLO10...starting at my 50USD roll from BRM. was abe to make it to 485 USD and decided to take profits so i decide to cash out 200USD...I am very happy with the cash out because it only took 3 days and the money is already in my bank account...

After the cash out, i continued playing at PLO4 but disaster always happens.. i still do the same strategy i was doing before but it seems that i cannot win showdowns even if im ahead most of the time...I lose almost 95 percent on showdowns...

I read some blogs and seen that usually when you cash out, the poker site will give add a bad patch in your account where your win rate will suffer...

any same experience of mine?

Not like that. I once had a respectable amount for me to cash out, which i now do when
im in the same height, and decided to keep playing. I ended up with the amount i had when i started
which i cashed out without second thoughts and moved to another site Smile

I noticed that this usually happens on new players, if you made tons of cashouts on a site it seems that you do not get such a "unlucky" period.

Here is what i think you should do, play for some weeks on another site and then start playing again on PP.

Ok Ill try that macu...thanks for the advise....thanks also mober

it seems that there is no solution in my situation now....hahahaha...i play omaha again and boom....loooooosing big again....hahahaha...runner runner lost again most of the time....when this will end? like a never ending story.....

Take a break then.
If you still play in Party Poker change site.
The change might help you stop the downswing you are having.
Not necessarily but you dont have anything to lose trying, besides some more money Smile

I would take Mober's advice asap, play on another site that PP, i had not so good experiences with him.

Since you are new to the game try to play a bit tighter at beginning, if you have four cards many times you think you could have more outs but not always it's true.

I find I go on a downswing when I cash out on most sites.

I am pretty sure it is down to me having a different mentality when my BR suddenly shrinks, either being too aggressive trying to get it back up, or too conservative.

It is nearly always my fault though

When i do a cash out, i stop playing in the same site for a while, cause it has to do with what
icequeen said. I see my account with less money and while i know it was due to cash out
i cant seem to stop thinking of it.
So i grind somewhere else and then return for more Smile

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