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Sitting around in MTT's being patient gives you the opportunity to sit and watch how other people play. The play that seems to be all the rage for no reason at all is going all in with any Ace and rag card, in any position and with whatever chip stack they have. I have seen it happen three times already in the one I am in and I am just wondering why some people have a need to do it.

It's like any Ace rag is enough to win to them even when they have no reason to do it or its a stupid move. I know deep in a MTT when you need to push to double up an Ace is great but at the early stage it boggles my mind and for some reason it seems to work for them time and time again.

Thoughts on this?

If it's a freeroll people tend to go all in even with a hand like that hoping to double up their stack fast...

The same behaviour can also be found on very low buy in tournaments. In a paid mtt when you are in a situation of fold or all in an ace is a good enough card to shove for sure Blink

If you notice,....more than half the time those idiots shove their A/junk clicking their heels because their little peanut brains think they have it all,....and they don't even HIT with the ace, but rather connect somehow with the trip 5s or donk into a straight or something...!

I've been beat up a LOT as of late by these clowns playing their rubbish.... Thumbs Down Angry

AceX I vaguely acceptable depending on when they shove it. It also makes it hella hard to read if you have something like JJ or QQ and some donker has gone AI in EP or MID.

It's when they shove Q8s or something equally as bad that blows when you look them up with 1010 or something and they bingo OR when you have shoved yourself and they call with chit and nail it.

Best of luck to them Smile

Shoving in the early part of an MTT when they have around the average chip stack. Unless its just to try and double up fast which most people seem to do early in these. Yeah low buy in so I guess they have not much to lose.

doing that is only acceptable i guess bade on chip stack and late stages of tourney(also depends on stack size)...but yes i gotta agree, seen many people pushing with A rag in early stages too.

I think it's mostly double-up or go home for these guys. Either they are playing with multiple accounts, figuring a few will hit and give them an early advantage or just people who don't want to waste their time in these tournies unless they are starting with an advantage.

Sometimes it could be locking on a guy who just plays real junk knowing that An ace will probably give you good odds against him

well, ace high is ace high... no matter how bad people and their hands are, they still get a chance to win against any hand with any hand Blink That's the gambling part of poker we have no control over. Of course to play "real" hold'em best is to play live in high BI events.

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Happens an awful lot in freerolls. That's all I play at the moment so I don't know if it's the same in S'n'Gs or micro cash games.

The main problem is that they win so often that other players see this and adopt the strategy.

On average, so all the statistics say, you hit the flop 1 time in 3 and since it's a freeroll, and there's another along in a minute, they must see it as a profitable line.

I've also noticed that once they do win with it, they seem to hit with anything they play.

I once got so p'ed of with it that I decided to play like them. Lasted 3 hands. Guess I don't have the lucky fish gene. Sad

You can push and call the all ins with all big Hands and with any pair. It is easy to Play against These Kind of Players. You must waiting only for a good Hand and fold all the other ones.

Just be happy that they playing like crap and does not check the stack values etc. You should be able to crush them if you know they will push with any rags or they will call with it.

Just get a big pair or even premiums and go for it!! Also those stuffs you see right now kind of becomes the norm in the late phase of a multi table tournament, where your stack size is less than 10bb, when the big blinds go up!

Now you should start pushing some rags, as they will go up in value if you a short stack and hope that we spike an Ace on the flop and go to win the pot so we can survive longer until the after bubble where we can push for the final table.

Its common practice for many players, playing like that with any Ace.
And the thing is it doesnt stop in freerolls.
I have played many times tournaments with rebuys and they are following the same
When your stack is low and depending your position its justified.
But some are doing it no matter what.

Can anyone tell me the odds of a heads up all in KK vs A rag?

KK vs Ax - Ax wins 29.7% of the time, id did not calculated myself , found the info online but it seems to be right.

Back to your original message, i guess the most productive way when you have no cards is to observe the play of regs especially and make notes on them Blink

To push early on doesnt make any sense whatsoever. What is the upside to doing this? If he gets called it will only be with a better ace or pocket pair. The blinds are so small early on its not worth the risk, unless he is hoping to be called by another A-Rag merchant!

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