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On cash tables:

Everyone loves the premium ones but I hate them apart from AA. Every time I get them someone has either a higher pair, hits a higher card on the flop or hits trips(Especially against lower pairs) I think I am cursed with these but they are so hard to put down, especially when you have a higher pair then on the board.

JJ and QQ are super cursed for me. They always lose when I have them. Three times tonight I have lost with QQ, with them twice being cracked by someone hitting trip J's on the flop. This is whether I call, raise or 3 bet. Everyone else seems to mostly win with them but not me. 98% of my bankroll smashed tonight because of this crap.


I hate AA as well:

Big Smile Big Smile Worship Worship Worship thank you PokerStars

I can so identify with you.

Lately, I have been playing a lot of limit hold'em, which makes it even worse. You just can not pick up KK without getting an A on the flop. From what I understand there is some sort of law against that.

One day, when I played at Everest before they went Ipoker, I actually started doing statistics. During the day I got AA or KK 17 times.

Won two.

I can rember such classics as, with AA, getting an early limper, raising, and by some strange intervention of the Gods, succeeding in isolating the limper, which is very hard in limit.

"This actually might work out, this time!", Pjot thinks to himself.

The board looks pretty innocent, but in the end, it turns out he has two pairs, and beat me.

What two pairs, you might ask?

7:s and 4:s.

He had limped 74o in an early position. Called my raise, and hits them both.

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

The worst ones are JJ and QQ because it can either win you some serious cash or lose you also. they are really more tough to play with at cash games than in a tournament. The best thing to do is to play small ball poker if you're out of position and look for at least trips to pout all your stack in. If not just fold.

that's some sick stats fellow losing mobsters Big Smile wow pjot 2 wins out of 17 with KK's/AA's that is uber sick Thumbs Down , guess the only explanation here is that it is limit holdem... yeah i find those pairs kinda tricky to play (JJ, QQ)- guess the safe approach here would be to look for a set min before committing to much, single pair can be beaten so easily...i always like to play small pairs this way, limp in if u hit a set continue big time, if not hold on cheaply or fold...i think this would work with the bigger pairs as well

AA is generally a winner for me but twice I have lost in an all in with people. Once some went all in with J4o and cracked my AA. The second time was against AK and of course hit two kings like you do.

I think from 1010 to QQ I am going to have to try different things. Of course if a over card comes I usually fold or something like a straight is on the board, its just when you have say QQ and only 10 or J are the highest cards on the streets and you think you have it in the bag but someone will have two pair or trips or something.

I dont mind losing AA vs KK, or KK vs QQ and lower pairs since it will even out in the long run, but those that I hate are the other way around jamming QQ vs AA, and hoping for a queen to spike on the flop for me to win.

But if the opponent is a nit and just all in pre flop with QQ+ without AK, then you need to adjust and call with better hands or flat pocket pairs, if they raised so you can set mine and bust their roll on the flop since they will continue with their premium on the flop when you hit the set most of the time.

Also there are those playing MSS, all in with AKs etc, and you have to get a grasp of the hands they all in with to call with the hands that has the best equity.

Good luck hope lucks turn around for me and you!

These are some of my AA hands:

Had the same problem this morning, lost 2 times w QQ.

- UTG-raiser calls my 3bet w 88. Flop comes 878 ...end of story
- getting called by 85s out of position, he calls my cbet on the flop 2 6 10 with a flushdraw,
turn brings a 3 so he calls my turncbet with a fushdraw/gutshot, the riover brings a 4 so he hits his straight, end of story again

- luckely i won a big pot afterwords w Aces by a guy who put me all in on the flop with a flushdraw

Ok this is a Little up, but Play straight ahead with your premium Hands. You can variate your playing style and limp with drawing Hands. But don´t begin to play slowly with your premium Hands.

Posted by DaCapo71:
Ok this is a Little up, but Play straight ahead with your premium Hands. You can variate your playing style and limp with drawing Hands. But don't begin to play slowly with your premium Hands.

I agree with this...

I'm always happy to get any pocket pair. I play 6-max and pretty much all of them are earning me money (except for 44 and 66, but that might just be variance).

I almost never limp with them. If you don't hit your set, you can still represent a high ace or high PP, and take the pot with a c-bet. Obviously I vary this based upon my opponents tendencies (it does not work well against calling stations, so I check for high "fold to steal" and/or "fold to c-bet" percentages).

Poker stars way! Your software runs away from the average, there is no doubt, AA instead of winning often loses most hands against anything. The highest starting hand in poker stars means nothing against any other cards. The largest amount of hands that is lost on the river to worse hands in PS, is something really impressive. Finally everything you learn about force hands, weak hands, etc.., in PS is totally unlike

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