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Channel 4 and poker after dark or whatever it was called with the devilfish, hellmuth, tong g, Vicky coren, andy black and helppi etc - that was where I first started watching it.
And from then on I wanted to play plus playing with friends - and then wanted to make some good money but things haven't quite panned out that way like I thought they might, however I still enjoy the game a tonne when I have the time and keep grinding, trying to get that big win.

i always been card player i used to play canasta like 14-15 years at yahoo then tried poker freerolls for fun made second place at weekly second round (at stars)
i guess there it started Aww crap! Aww crap! ...

I started playing poker after i have had my first night of cards with a couple of friends and had a really good run (mostly luck) and won some nice money. After that i actually learned to play and appreciate the finer sides of the game.

Now i mostly grind SnG's and try to play profitable. I am definitely not the best player but i keep trying to improve my game.

skroeva nice review of you.

I started to play poker over a year and a half , and i start online first.
I play freerolls , and newplayer welcome freerolls they are everyday and i'm trying to improve my game too , but to improve our game we must have time Smile gl

   0 mentioned,.....seemed like an easy way to get RICH RICH RICH...!!! Big Smile

....and as ALSO mentioned...."It doesn't quite work that way".... Confused

My Mom, Dad, Aunt, and Uncle always used to play poker when I was a little kid. Hadn't thought about it for decades until I saw a few tourneys on TV,...then decided to hook up on PokerStars and give it a whirl...!

Seemed like another practical use for my computer other than just doing the eBay thing...!

Posted by sergejcho:
Why did you start/get into playing poker?

first i hate the poker hype that pops up everywhere...i had zero interest in the game.
one evening i played a $ 200 freeroll at fulltilt with my frinds notebook. 7000 players registered and
i reached the final table and finished in 6. place. i was flashed from the feeling of competition
and the fun playing nlholdem....!!
befor i only know and played 5 card draw 20 years ago (not the best pokervariant on the planet)
from there i was addicted to poker...not only because of the money i love the competition
and the action....

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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » Why Did You Get Into Poker?

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